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how to set up new 150mhz memory
ck1622_1 Jul-03-01 09:53 PM
I have an Abit KT7 board with an amd 1ghz processor. In the bios the soft bios has setting to change the front side bus to match the memory, 150. When I do this and also change the multiplier to match the processor speed and reboot the computer will not start up. Also as the front side bus increases the pci clock also changes would that have anything to do with it. HOw do I get this to work.

1. RE: how to set up new 150mhz memory
lbyard Jul-04-01 05:25 PM
In response to message 0
The KT7 motherboard and VIA KT133 chipset specifications do not support PC150 memory set at 150 MHz. I would set the motherboard for PC133 memory. PC150 memory is downward compatible with PC133, PC100, and PC66 memory. If you want to run faster than the specs, this might be useful: http://www.pc133memory.com/bbs/a3/messages/205.html (I do not necessary share the views of the posts on that site). But, I do not recommend it. Suggest posting further messages of this nature in the Computer Performance forum where it may be more likely to be read by forum members with similar interests. Larry

2. RE: how to set up new 150mhz memory
BILKO1 Jul-05-01 11:04 PM
In response to message 1
What model processor have you got the 200 or the 266??If you've got the 200 then youre fsb should be set at 100 and your multiplier at 10 and if you have the 266 your fsb should be set at 133 and your multiplier at 7.5..ive had a kt7ar and a amd 1ghz 200 the highest i could get the fsb was 143 stable i also unlocked the cpu and managed to get up to 1.53 ghz stable but it cost a fortune in hs and fans tring to keep it cool.if you want to know more about overclocking and frying your cpu go to www.overclockers.com ...

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