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BIOS info
sibrag Jul-03-01 04:39 PM
any suggestions where i could find some (relatively more) detailed info on the various BIOS settings??? the epox manual does offer some, but... would like a bit more.


1. RE: BIOS info
lbyard Jul-03-01 04:57 PM
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Motherboard? BIOS? Try Wim's BIOS http://www.wimsbios.com/ and Pheonix http://www.phoenix.com/pcuser/index.html. Pheonix bought Award. Larry

2. RE: BIOS info
sibrag Jul-03-01 05:18 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry,

I just found Wim's. Here's EXACTLY the one I was looking for. Now I need to get back there to STUDY it ...... Pretty soon I will TWEAK the system beyond ANY hope for repair )).


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