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Fried Board??
JuJuBean Jun-25-01 03:00 AM
My Setup
Abit BX6 w/433 Celeron
128meg Dimm in Bank0,1 (DIMM1)
not overclocked
Cougar Gamer Video Card
250W Power Supply
Windows ME

Woke up this morning to a dead power supply. Replaced it and got the dreaded black screen with repeating one long beep. In an Award bios this is either video or memory -right? Reseated both memory and video and disconnected drives and other boards tried another power supply- same problem. I have a twin to this computer and put the memory,video,CPU and power supply in that one and they function ok. Put all back in the ailing computer except memory in the next bank over (Bank2,3). Power on now gives me Award bios screen with CPU designation but no memory check and del won't enter BIOS setup (no extraneous beeps tho)it just sits there.
Tried other 2 banks with memory and same results except Bank0,1 gives me the original black screen and one long beep. Any ideas other than new mainboard?? Thanks for your time and interest.

1. RE: Fried Board??
lbyard Jun-25-01 03:31 PM
In response to message 0
Try the memory from the other computer in the broken computer. Shake the computer for a loose screw. If there was a thunderstorm the night before, there may be lightning damage and the damage, if apparent, might be covered by insurance. Larry

2. RE: Fried Board??
JuJuBean Jun-27-01 02:54 AM
In response to message 1
Tried Memory from other computer but no better. And the only loose screws around here are in my head. No apparent damage besides high deductable. For fun left out all memory and got the same one long beep repeating. Then left out the video card and got the proper error code (one long and 3 short). This would seem to indicate to me that the bios is probably ok (processing errors). Or could it be the bios chip? Short of that I'm out of ideas. Any other thoughts? And if not - what would be a good replacement mainboard? One that could use the same cards and CPU although for the right price a faster CPU would be considered. Right now about $150-175 is all I can handle. I would like to have AGP/PCI(4-5)/ISA(1-2 for legacy boards) in ATX. We mostly run things like Diablo2, Baldur's Gate2, Starcraft etc. I would appreciate anyone's opinion on the matter. Thanks for your time.

3. RE: Fried Board??
lbyard Jun-27-01 01:08 PM
In response to message 2
I would try another power supply, followed by another display adapter. Larry

4. RE: Fried Board??
JuJuBean Jun-27-01 11:14 PM
In response to message 3
There is joy in Mudville. The Twins are up and running again. It was so simple yet not. I had tried resetting the CMOS once by jumper and once by removing the battery. But it didn't work. Someone had suggested CMOS resetting again.So as I was setting up to try your kind suggestions I decided to try CMOS resetting again but with a twist - use jumper reset and battery removal attt the same time. This did the trick. I got back into Bios setup and was up and running. One comment - I know all the rest of you have your settings written down but I didn't and only the twin's setup info saved me a lot of work. I greatly appreciate your time and thoughts. Now I've got this IPX network problem that's been bugging me.... Ah well that can wait for another day. Thank you Larry.

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