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Old AMI bios / I need to ID-fy this motherboard
Marin Jun-06-01 02:26 PM
The AMI tech support said this is not an true AMI motherboard. I know that the MB was made in IRELAND and when I boot the comp. it has a number in upper left corner : "AMIBIOS (C) 1992 American Megatrends Inc. BIOS version 1.00.12.AX1.
I believe it is an INTEL made board in IRELAND. There is another no. on the label on the board "AA6335055-202".
It runs on 75mhz Intel chip. Please let me know haw to ID-fy this MB or where can I get help on this. I want to upgrade this old BIOS and I need the right flash file for BIOS as well.

1. RE: Old AMI bios / I need to ID-fy this motherboard
lbyard Jun-06-01 02:48 PM
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Intel Plato… http://x86.ddj.com/intel.doc/intelmotherboards.htmhttp://www.hh.schule.de/brado/ra/ra37c.htm… Larry

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