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Its dead jim.....
Bluetone Apr-06-00 11:03 PM
I just bought a whole load of stuff to build an athlon system. Its based around an athlon 800 and asus k7v motherboard with a 250w AMD approved psu.

Problem is, when i go to boot the machine, a warning light comes on 'Standby Power Warning', the fans and drives all start up for 2 seconds then the system dies again.

Funny thing is that all the stuff comes on no matter if i press the front atx power swith on or off. All i do is press the on/off swith on the psu at the back and everything comes on.

I'm wondering if its -

A)a 250w psu is not enough for my system (i have just basic stuff in the machine, nothing power draining)

B)something else i can't think of!

I admit it, i feel pretty dumb, can anyone help?

thanks in advance (fingers crossed)

2. RE: Its dead jim.....
lbyard Apr-07-00 00:13 AM
In response to message 0
Pull the motherboard and see if you left a screw under it or there is a stand-off where there is no mounting hole. 250 Watts should be enough unless you have really loaded it up with lots of drives, etc. Additional advice is at:http://duxcw.com/faq/mb/mb.htm
Let us know how it worked-out, OK? Larry

3. RE: Its dead jim.....
diletante Apr-07-00 03:02 AM
In response to message 2
I second Larry's advice about the motherboard. If that doesn't turn up the problem and you still think you might be overloading the supply, just unplug some of your drives and try it. You don't need anything but maybe a floppy to see if it will boot up. You can take out your network card, modem, and sound card too. Good luck.


4. RE: Its dead jim.....
Bluetone Apr-10-00 00:05 AM
In response to message 3
thanks for replying guys.

i've turned my electric baby over to a friend who works in my local computer shop. truth is, i don't know that much about computers.

i tried to get the bios screen to appear with only the graphics card in the motherboard..no drives or any other expansion cards. so i'm not sure whats going on, that set up would hardly drain a systems psu (250w).

i'm just nervously worrying that the cpu could be faulty...could that cause a system to shut down after a couple of seconds? damn athlon 800 cost me 430 (yes, i'm english).

thanks again

i'll put a message on here declaring what was wrong with it when its fixed..might help someone else

5. RE: Its dead jim.....
Bluetone Apr-10-00 10:11 PM
In response to message 4

my mate at the computer shop has fixed my computer. What was wrong with it was -

a)I'm stupid
b)The atx power switch was plugged in wrong
c)the video card needed its connectors cleaning as there was still no pictures.

Lessons learned

a)I'm stupid
b)its not always something obvious - i would never of thought of cleaning the vodeo card connectors myself
c)its always something obvious - i'm sure i checked the atx power switch was the right way round!

thanks again for replying to my distress

in the future, i can't say i won't be nervous of making another computer, but what the #####, come athlon 2000's, i'll give it a go

6. RE: Its dead jim.....
diletante Apr-11-00 12:34 PM
In response to message 5
Very good news! Glad to see you got everything fixed. Don't think you are stupid though. It is very easy to make mistakes. In fact, when I am working on a computer and something goes wrong, the first thing I suspect is that I have caused the problem. This is all a learning process. If you know a good computer guru, then you know somebody who has made a lot of stupid mistakes -- and learned from them.


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