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pc133 sdram in a 66mhz mobo
BBATES May-11-01 08:53 PM
With memory being so cheap I can buy 128mb pc133 cheaper than pc66 sdram. Can I use the faster memory in my slower motherboard? I know it will only run at 66.

1. RE: pc133 sdram in a 66mhz mobo
lbyard May-12-01 04:03 PM
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PC133 memory is backward compatible with PC100 and PC66 memory. I have PC133 memory in my PC100 computer and have installed it other slower computers. Larry

2. RE: pc133 sdram in a 66mhz mobo
BBATES May-13-01 01:24 AM
In response to message 1
That is what I thought. Thanks Larry

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