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booting problem
eric&kelly Apr-17-01 12:39 PM
i just recently bought some parts to piece together another computer, im having problems with my display though, as soon as it boots the monitor goes into suspend.. (is it detecting?). so far ive tried using another monitor.. oh by the way the specs are

AMD athlon 1000C (AXIA, if this means anything?)
soltek SL-75KAV
MSI starforce 817 (geforce 2 MX)
new h.d.d and the other stuff...

im pretty sure i installed the heatsink etc properly, and everything seems plugged in properly.. ive tried using a different monitor and using my old PCI Voodoo II aswell as using several different RAM modules, still couldnt get anything to display though ,

oh and if this means anything when i started it just now it made like one kind of long beep and 2 shorter beeps?? i know its got something to do with the bios but does it mean anything in particular?

any help and input would be apprieciated, but ill probably end up hitting a few times for good measure..


1. RE: booting problem
lbyard Apr-17-01 07:45 PM
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One long, two short = a problem with display adapter. It probably is not seated properly. It also indicates that the CPU and motherboard are working. Or, the monitor is not plugged in properly. Look for bent pins in the monitor plug. A good whack by a skilled technician can sometimes produce positive results, but it takes years to develop the right touch. Larry

2. RE: booting problem
alexd Apr-28-01 02:39 AM
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as far as know beeps that you are getting refer to 3 things: video card(mostly), cpu, or ram


3. RE: booting problem
mike_g May-05-01 11:54 AM
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I had exactly the same problem. Turned out it was the mouse I had plugged in - it was a USB one with a PS/2 adaptor. Swopped it for another PS/2 mouse and the system started up OK.

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