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jerryf Mar-18-00 07:42 PM

Re: new installation.

Can i correct the checksum error by clearing cmos and reinstalling the info. If so please give advice on how best to accomplish.
Regards jerryf

1. RE: cmos
lbyard Mar-20-00 02:16 PM
In response to message 0
All you really need to do with most CMOS's is enter the CMOS Setup and Exit and Save. That should write all settings to the CMOS and clear the checksum error. While in the Setup, you may want to reload the defaults and check to see if all of the settings are correct. If you don't understand a particular setting, leave it alone. You motherboard user manual should have an explaination of the settings and most CMOS Setups have some help instructions, albeit usually quite terse. Larry

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