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USB port problems
tuneguy Apr-02-01 11:40 AM
I just installed a new ATX (FIC AZ11) motherboard and 1.2 Ghz athlon CPU. Everything's working fine except that whenever I boot the computer up with anything plugged into the USB ports (either one, the board has two), the computer either 1) hangs during startup or 2) freezes while running.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


1. RE: USB port problems
lbyard Apr-02-01 01:36 PM
In response to message 0
It is probably being caused by an interrupt conflict (http://duxcw.com/faq/irq/irq.htm) between the USB controller and a board in one of the PCI slots. USB controllers usually share and interrupt with one of more PCI slots. The motherboard manual may state which slots they are. There may be an indication of which board(s) is/are having problem by an exclamation mark in the Device Manger (Start, Settings, Control Panel, System…). Try setting O/S is Plug ‘n Prey aware or PnP is controlled by O/S in the PnP part of the CMOS Setup. That should get IRQ steering going and allow interrupt sharing. Up to four PCI devices are supposed to be able to share an interrupt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work well. You may have to move boards around between the various PCI slots. Try to avoid the PCI slot next to the graphics board. The AGP board usually shares it. Try freeing-up interrupts by disabling motherboard resources that are not being used (e.g., COM ports). Larry

2. RE: USB port problems
tuneguy Apr-02-01 05:17 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for your help. I'm a bit confused by what you mean by, "Try setting O/S is Plug ‘n Prey aware or PnP is controlled by O/S in the PnP part of the CMOS Setup." Can you explain further, please.



3. RE: USB port problems
lbyard Apr-02-01 06:36 PM
In response to message 2
LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-01 AT 06:36 PM (GMT)

Sure, when the computer first starts to boot-up press the Delete key or what ever key(s) it says to hit to get into the Setup, look for the settings I mentioned in my last post, change them as specified in my post, and Save and Exit. Larry

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