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VGA Monitor,VGA card Driver PROBLEM
MrStroker2 Mar-31-01 10:25 PM
As I had told you earlier no ability to go beyond 16 colors/640x480 pixels, I have a 21 " Mitsubishi
Pro 91TXM monitor and as you said earlier the problem is not with the monitor, although its not listed in my hardware choices under the advanced/settings option. The choice you thought might more perhaps the drivers for the video card,
Well its on board Video(the one you have low regaurd for lol)PcChips,board M599lmr,now tis same monitor worked fine on this computer with windows 98se,all I have changed was the hard drive. The system is reconizing my video adapter board/chip as A:
Standard PCI graphics adapter vga
and refers to using microsoft drivers.

Help my screen is horrible..lol thanks mike

2. RE: VGA Monitor,VGA card Driver PROBLEM
lbyard Apr-01-01 06:16 PM
In response to message 0
Mike, Just because the video chip is on the motherboard does not mean it does not have a driver. The driver should have come with the motherboard. Without it, Windows installs whatever driver it can best match to the chip and many times that is the driver you see now. Larry

3. RE: VGA Monitor,VGA card Driver PROBLEM
MrStroker2 Apr-02-01 02:14 AM
In response to message 2
As I told you we have a pc chips motherboard, M599LMR. How would I find out what make/model my video chip/adapter is? I have tried contacting pc chips and they never have replied. Can a video card be installed and the on board be disabled? I have one ISA slot open, I have one memory slot open and my other two slots have my Philip sound card and my modem network adapter card. So, where do you think I could install a video card if I could? Thanks, Mike

4. RE: VGA Monitor,VGA card Driver PROBLEM
lbyard Apr-02-01 02:29 PM
In response to message 3
You should have gotten a CD (probably) or floppy disks with the motherboard, and the video driver should be on it/them. Or, download it from here: You should be able to disable the onboard video, but I donít think you want to purchase an ISA video card. They are hard to find and slow. Larry

5. RE: VGA Monitor,VGA card Driver PROBLEM
MrStroker2 Apr-03-01 04:18 PM
In response to message 4
Hi Larry,
yes I did get a cd rom with the mother board,
I looked in there and low and behold there they were.....DUH....I loaded them and all was fine and I also went to the SiS drivers download site and got the new updated drivers as well...all is fine now and I appreciate the steer in the right direction.......ty Mike

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