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MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Mar-31-01 10:06 PM
Hi Larry, seems I have another problem for you.
After some research on the net, and having read in more than one review that it was the most stable Socket A motherboard around, I purchased the MS-6330 and built the following system around it:

T-Bird 1GHz CPU
Corsair Cas2 PC133 256MB SDRam
Visiontek Nvidia G-force 2 MX 32Mb graphics card
30 Gb IBM ATA100 HDD
3 Com 3C905B NIC
A-Open 300 Watt ATX Tower Case
PCTel V90 modem
HP 8100i CD Writer
BCT 40X CD Rom
On board sound

I put everything together, installed Windows ME and all drivers, and it booted first try. So I hooked it back to back to a K6-2 400 MHz system, and everything seemed to be OK. However after a few days I noticed that the system was crushing very often when it is not being used, just sitting there maybe with only WinAmp running (besides all the background stuff).
I checked the temperatures and found that the CPU was running at about 40 and the system at about 32
- is that too hot?!
I find it very odd that the system is much more stable when it is being used than when it is idle!
Has anyone ever met anything like this - is it the M/B or something else you thing?
Thank you for any suggestions that may help me save this problem.

1. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
lbyard Apr-01-01 05:47 PM
In response to message 0
The case appears too be a too warm and the CPU quite a bit cooler than average (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/cpu/socka/6.html), and maybe unbelievably cool for that case temperature. The heat sensor may not be touching the bottom of the CPU (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/cpu/socka/3.html). Or, you are not waiting long enough for the CPU and case temps to stabilize. Before fooling with the sensor, let the computer sit for 30 minutes with it in the CMOS Setup and monitoring the temperature. What is the room temperature?

Does it crash when it is not networked? Does it crash when you boot it to the safe mode and let it set? How often (minutes, hours) is it crashing? Larry

2. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-01-01 06:21 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry for your prompt reply. I will monitor things as you suggested and will get back to you.

3. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-05-01 05:03 PM
In response to message 2
Hi Larry
I followed your suggestions for 3 days and here are the results of my observations - this may be a bit long, sorry!
First of all I found out that the CPU is running @1030MHz - seems my son tried o/clocking it.

Day1: Switched on PC at 10.30 ambient temp 18C
CPU 27C, System 20C- after half an hour Ambient was 18C CPU 38C and System 25C
System booted and left running idle - system tray showed Volume,ICQ,Microangelo on Display, WingPager, Allaboard,& WinAmp which was running.
The PC crashed at about 2.00pm.
Rebooted played RedAlert2 got blue screen after about an hour.
At 3.30pm stopped playing and left idle - crashed after 2 hours.
At 5.15 rebooted temp was CPU 42 Case 26 after half hour in cmos cpu went down to 39.
Disabled power savings in windows, switched off monitor and left idle.
Held till 11.30pm when it was switched off.

Day2:Switched on at 7.30 am. Temp ambient 17. CPU 19, Case 18 - after half hour CPU 38, case 25
PC left idle as day1, power saving off, monitor off - crashed 12.00
Rebooted, temp CPU 38 Case 26, after half an hour, CPU 39 Case 26. Left idle. At 4.00pm played Red Alert2 until 7.30, when PC was left running idle. Held till midnight when it was swirched off.

Day3:Switched on at 7.00am temp ambient 17, CPU 20, Case 18. After half hour CPU 38, System 25.
Left running idle with power saving off, not nerworked, monitor off.
Crashed at 1.30pm
Rebooted and started playing Red Alert2 - got blue screen at about 8.00pm.
Connected to network and PC used for browsing/napster etc) until about 11pm
PC was left idle overnight - did NOT crash at all until 10.30am day3 when I purposely switched it off and on to check the temp. CPU 39, System 26.
Turned on power saving and left idle. Got blue screen playing Red Alert2. Rebooted and left idle - after 2 hours it hasn't crashed yet.

Well considering everything it's not as bad as I had thought! I don't really blame the sytem for the blue screens in Red Alert or should I? I still have to check long term if the power saving feature has any effect when it's on.

Well Larry I'm sorry this is very long but what do you think?..should I worry?! Want me to check something else? I'm open to your suggestions/recommendations.

Thanks for your help.


4. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
lbyard Apr-05-01 06:50 PM
In response to message 3
30 MHz… I would undo anything your Son did to overclock the computer. A computer crashing by itself with no one near it has something wrong with it. The CPU temperature is noticeably cool. The last 1 gig Socket A Thunderbird machine I built ran about 44-46 deg. C. What kind of heatsink are you using? What happens when it crashes? Locked-up? Does Ctrl-Alt Delete work? Does the reset button work? Do you get zapped by static electricity once and a while? Is the computer plugged-in to a good electrical circuit with a good ground wire. Do you have any heavy equipment on the same circuit (copy machine, etc.)? Something might be loose. Larry

5. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-05-01 09:33 PM
In response to message 4
Hi Larry
I agree about the overclocking, and although it is his PC, I will undo everything he did first thing tomorrow.
The cooler - I'm not sure what it is, I bought the motherboard as a bundle with the CPU and the heatsink/fan from TC Computers, but I think the fan is a CoolerMaster - I'll have to open up the case and have a look to be sure.
If the power saving settings are on, the monitor, hard disk, and the system are all on stand-by, when it crashes everything is dead, the monitor cannot come alive and Winamp stops running.
Ctrl-Alt-Delete does not work, but reset button works.
I have never noticed any static electricity.
I think the electrical circuit is good, well grounded, and I do not have any particularly heavy loads on it - 'something loose' is another matter, but I'll have to thoroughly check that to find out.
Well I guess that answers it all - any conclusions?
Thanks once again

6. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
lbyard Apr-06-01 03:49 PM
In response to message 5
How big is the power supply? Larry

7. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-06-01 04:05 PM
In response to message 6
LAST EDITED ON Apr-06-01 AT 04:07 PM (GMT)

300 Watts - it's an AMD approved case & PSU. I have confirmed that the cooler is a CoolerMaster. I have also undid the overclocking!

I must add that today it has been running idle for over 6 hours without crashing.



8. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-10-01 09:27 PM
In response to message 7
Hi Larry
Have you had time to look at my problem again? I just realised I have never mentioned that I have an extra chassis fan on the front of my case, could this explain the extra low temp of the CPU?
Awaiting your reply

9. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
lbyard Apr-11-01 04:40 PM
In response to message 8
Is it still crashing? Last I heard it was running six hours and no crashes. Larry

10. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-12-01 06:19 PM
In response to message 9
Hi Larry
Well yes it does seem to have settled down a bit, but I have been fiddling about with the SMC router, installimg and uninstalling printer drivers, network protocols, switching it off & on (see my post in Network forum) that I have not been able to really monitor its performance.

I'll let you know what happens once I sort out the Barricade and pay more attention to the PC.


11. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-22-01 09:11 PM
In response to message 10
It seems that my system has settled down - it has stopped crashing when it's left alone - so I think that's a step forward! My son who is using it complains that he gets blue screens when playing Red Alert2 - is that the hardware or Windows/game?
Well I am, on the whole, pleased with it and must thank you for all the support you have given me.

Thanks and regards

12. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
lbyard Apr-23-01 01:22 PM
In response to message 11
Blue screens are inexcusable. I would look into the video driver/configuration and/or contact the game manufacturer. Larry

13. RE: MS K7TPro2-A (MS-6330) Motherboard
qajfat Apr-23-01 08:32 PM
In response to message 12
Hi Larry
Thanks for your help but I guess we've used enough time and energy on this one and I gather from my son it's not that bad so unless something bad really happens I'll leave it alone. Thank you very much for all the patience you have shown me.
Regards Lawrence

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