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Hanging/Stuttering CPU....HELP
MrStroker2 Mar-31-01 11:31 AM
Hi Larry,
I have tried to read most of your forums/responses
My pute hangs and stutters badly, I notice the most in audio files, although I can see the mouse
hanging as well, just a quick burst/interupption.
This happens about every 2-10 seconds, the harder the cpu works the the worse it gets..I did check my device manager for conflicts and I had 1 yellow
exclamation mark under other devices, I disabled it there, still happening, I have heard you say something about a IRQ conflict in other posted replies... only thing is.....what is a IRQ?
Sorry to sound so.........novice...?

1. RE: Hanging/Stuttering CPU....HELP
lbyard Mar-31-01 06:47 PM
In response to message 0
Stuttering sound and stuck mice are usually caused by interrupt conflicts (http://duxcw.com/faq/irq/irq.htm). Try moving the soundboard to another PCI slot. Enable OS is Plug n Play or Plug n Prey is controlled by OS in the CMOS Setup. Disable all motherboard resources that you dont need (COM ports, USB, etc.). Larry

2. RE: Hanging/Stuttering CPU....HELP
MrStroker2 Apr-03-01 04:32 PM
In response to message 1
Fixed Larry thanks for the support and help ......

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