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Video Display
mjd1988 Mar-30-01 02:01 AM
I'm running AMD K6-2 computer. Last Sunday I reformatted the C drive... reloaded win98se. Everything works pretty good except I don't have the same color resolution as I did before I reformatted. I ran a diagnostic test tonight and have all the info. Would greatly appreciate someone helping me.

1. RE: Video Display
andreadebiase Mar-30-01 02:00 PM
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Probably when you re-installed Win98SE the OS loaded the simplest generic VGA driver available. You have to tell the OS the real video card you have and the kind of monitor. Right click with the mouse on your desktop and click Properties, Settings and look the Colors and Screen area options. You want to choose, under Colors, the 16bit option and under screen area the resolution your monitor and eyes can handle (try 800by600 to start). All these can be done assuming you have the correct drivers for you video card installed so check this by clicking on Advanced and look for video card adapter and monitor specs. If you see a simple VGA card (not your real video card) you have to re-load the correct driver (click on Change). Do the same for the monitor.
good luck

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