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Athlon cpu and heat sink attachment
tuneguy Mar-29-01 11:39 AM
I'm about to attach the heat sink/fan to my 1.2 GHz Athlon chip, but I wonder what to do about the 4 small, rubberized blue pads that are attached to the chip? Do I remove them, keep them on. And where does the adhesive go?

Any help would be appreciated.



1. RE: Athlon cpu and heat sink attachment
lbyard Mar-29-01 03:36 PM
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The answer is here: http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/cpu/socka/1.html. Larry

2. RE: Athlon cpu and heat sink attachment
andreadebiase Mar-30-01 02:04 PM
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Follow the link suggested and DO NOT remove the pads or your CPU core will crash!!!

3. RE: Athlon cpu and heat sink attachment
morgan Jun-02-01 03:23 AM
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the four rubber feet on top of the chip are to be left alone. They act as a spacer for the heat sink. the only thing on the chip that comes in contact with the heat sink is the very small center of the processor. if you like at the chip sideways you will see that the center of the brocessor and the rubber feet are the same height. clean the center of the chip with a small amout of alcohol to remove any grease or contaminents. apply a thin coat of the thermal compund and then drag a razor blade across the top to spread the compund and remove excess. be careful that you don't spread it any further than the center of the chip. remove any excess.

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