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FSB speed select
darrenpatton Mar-27-01 07:45 AM
I have a FIC AZ11 mother board. One of the jumper settings is the 100MHZ/133MHZ (FSB Speed Select). Does this refer to whether I am using PC100 or PC133 RAM? Is this the speed set for my RAM? Also, will it damage 133 MHZ ram to run it a 100 MHZ speed setting and visa versa?
Thank you,

1. RE: FSB speed select
lbyard Mar-27-01 04:06 PM
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Darren, that is an KT133/Athlon motherboard…. http://www.fic.com.tw/techsupport/faq/faqs01AZ11.htm:

“Q: When I switch the FSB Speed to 133Mhz from jumper or from BIOS CP OST/PCI/Spread Spec(133/33), the computer will not boot. (DRAM clock = Default, AGP-4X Mode = Default and all other BIOS are set on Default.)

How can I use the FSB at 133Mhz? I have an AMD Athlon 1GHz CPU with 128 MB Simpl technology SDRAM 133Mhz.
A: The maximum the AZ11 can support is 100MHz FSB with memory setting for 133Mhz ("Host +33"). It cannot work with a 133MHz CPU combination at all. This was not confirmed until recently, when AMD rolled out the 133 MHz Athlon CPU. FIC encourages users to base their set up on AMD's official speeds to setup the system. “

“Q: I set the jumper on my motherboard to PC133, but it will not boot (I have Apacer PC133, 128 MB DIMM X2.) Set at PC100 it boots fine. Is the memory mismarked or bad, or is the motherboard not functioning properly. How can I determine where the problem is?

Also, with a Promise NR100, PC100 add on card I cannot get the IDE LED to work, and the pin out for power LED does not work, so the power LED does not work either. Why is this?
A: The maximum the AZ11 can accept is a CPU FSB at 100Mhz and Memory subsystem(BIOS SDRAM timing as "Host +33") at 133Mhz.”

PC133 memory should run OK on a 100 Mhz FSB; PC100 memory should not be run a 133 Mhz FSB. Larry

2. RE: FSB speed select
andreadebiase Mar-27-01 05:22 PM
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hi, i have a FIC AZ11E
No, the jumper is for the CPU FSB and has to be on 100MHz with both Durons and Athlons that are 200MHz (100x2). That jumper is for the newest Athlons at 266MHz (133x2). If you set it at 133 and you have a 200MHz CPU the system will not post!!!
The settings of the memory speed (100 or 133) is made in the Bios only!!!! however, if you leave enabled the SPD option in the bios the SDRAM speed will be automatically detected so you don`t have to worry. No, you do not damage a 100MHz memory module if you set it at 133 but the system is incline to crash (same thing with cas2 or 3).

3. RE: FSB speed select
darrenpatton Mar-27-01 06:40 PM
In response to message 2
Thank you Andrea and Larry.

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