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Motherboard Upgrade
db100 Mar-11-01 02:44 PM
This a first for me, that is upgrading a motherboard and cpu. I have done most of the other upgrades video cards, hard drive, memory etc. and was sucessful. At present my current pc is Windows 95, Intel 200MMX, 64 Ram, 20Gig Maxtor Hard drive, SB 16 sound card, Creative TNT 16meg video card, 32x CD-ROM, and a internet card for Cable. I will be upgrading to a FIC VA-503+ M/B and a AMD K6-2 500 CPU plus 128megs of PC-100. I have searched the internet and found references to a patch for WIN 95 for the CPU, and some Bios upgrades for the M/B. Also all of the how to's that I have found only talks about upgrading from scratch and not upgrading a existing system. I welcome any comments, steps, concerns, help etc would be apprecited. My big question is if I get all of the jumper settings correct and install the M/B, will only install video card, start it up, go in to CMOS Setup, continue with start-up. Now will system go in to Windows 95? What can I expect? Thanks

1. RE: Motherboard Upgrade
lbyard Mar-11-01 04:25 PM
In response to message 0
I strongly suggest not spending the money to upgrade to a Baby AT motherboard and Socket 7 CPU in order to save an AT case and power supply. Instead, suggest considering an ATX case, power supply, motherboard and an AT to PS/2 keyboard adapter so you do not build a computer that isnít already obsolete: http://duxcw.com/digest/editorial/obit.htm. A 500 Mhz K6-2 costs $38 and an 800 Mhz Duron costs $62 (http://www.pricewatch.com). The Duron can be upgraded, the K6-2 is a dead end. Larry

2. RE: Motherboard Upgrade
db100 Mar-11-01 05:39 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry for the comments. You guys in the States have it made. Up here in the great white north those prices are doubled and close to triple in Canadian dollars. Anyways the Idea was to upgrade my kids computer as I have a new one now, but to keep it cheap and have fun and learn from doing it. Actually to buy a new case, ATX M/B etc. would cost about $150+ Canadian(or 5 million American ha ha) just from my shopping around in my area(could be cheaper eleswhere. Again Thanks

3. RE: Motherboard Upgrade
diletante Mar-12-01 04:41 PM
In response to message 2
Responding to your question about booting your new motherboard & processor. If you don't reformat your hard drive, and you don't put in a floppy, the machine will try to boot Windows. As Larry often says, Windows will thrash around a bit when it wakes up in a different machine. I think you will want to set up the BIOS and install the drivers for your new motherboard ASAP. After that you can start getting the hardware to work, a piece at at time. I have done this by the "I feel lucky" method (just put all the hardware in and boot up) and survived, but it is probably wiser to add hardware a board at a time. I think Larry has a How To article on this that you should read. Rob

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