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Recommendations for Duron motherboard?
copperpipe Mar-10-01 06:07 AM
I would appreciate hearing any recommendations for a new motherboard. I'm thinking of a Duron Socket A CPU and using PC 133 SDRAM memory (don't wanna spend $$$ on DDR RAM). I might tinker with some light overclocking after I get the system working OK (OK, Larry, I know you don't approve of that).

I have friends who have the ABIT KT7 w/ and w/o RAID. But I don't need the extra drive controller, and I only have one ATA 100 drive anyway. I prefer stability/compatibility to power performance and for that reason, I was looking at the Soyo SY-K7VTA Pro. Also, price is a factor. The Soyo also has more room around the CPU socket for ease of installation and fitting in larger heatsinks.

I don't play games or do much 3D work although my son is into internet gaming (Half Life & Starcraft). It would just be an all around machine for some gaming, internet browsing, general windows applications, etc.

Appreciate hearing any recommendations.

1. RE: Recommendations for Duron motherboard?
pikachu Mar-10-01 04:13 PM
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How much are you willing to invest in a new motherboard? What type of CPU? I also reccomend the that you buy a Duron since you say its for home use. It is a wonderful processor and also quite powerful. Tell me how much your willing to invest and which country your living in and i`ll try my best to get a good price.

2. RE: Recommendations for Duron motherboard?
lbyard Mar-10-01 04:17 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-10-01 AT 04:22 PM (GMT)

I don't quibble much about a few bucks when buying a motherboard I will use for a year or two; quality and stability mean much more (http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/buymb/intro.htm). I donít think room around the CPU is anything but a very minor consideration. I didnít have much trouble mounting a 1 Gig Athlon on a KT7-RAID board. It easier to do if you socket the CPU, apply heatsink compound (very(!) thin layer on both the CPU and heatsink and no dirt or lint), mount the heatsink-fan, plug the CPU fan cable into the motherboard, and zip-tie the excess CPU fan cable before (carefully) mounting the motherboard in the case. There is some discussion in this Forum on RAID vs non-RAID versions of the KT7. Search for longer than the one-day default. I hear that the KT7a is out. The non-RAID version does ATA/100. I might note that I donít think most current ATA/100 drives can go any faster than an ATA/66 interface. I understand that the prices for DDR memory are falling. They will fall even more as more DDR boards become available. Some motherboard manufacturers are starting to offer a special deal on 128 MBytes of DDR memory bundled with a new motherboard. I think I will wait for motherboards with the VIA KT266 chipset. A bunch of them will be shown at CeBIT this month (see our home page for info and links). Larry

3. RE: Recommendations for Duron motherboard?
andreadebiase Mar-20-01 04:26 PM
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I have a FIC AZ11E (www.fica.com) and is doing a great job! is aprox. $90-100.

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