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No Video on New Athlon Build
rcb27405 Mar-08-01 05:02 PM
I have just built an Athlon 950mhz system.
Chaintech 7ATA VIA Apollo KX133 (VT8371/686A) Chipset
Elsa Gladiac MX 32mb GeForce2 AGP4x video card
Athlon Classic 950 mhz Slot A CPU.
Award Bios.

Upon boot I receive long beep and 2 short and nothing on display. I know that this indicates a display error. Monitor works well on other computer have taken out and reseated AGP card. Still no display. Help please????

1. RE: No Video on New Athlon Build
lbyard Mar-08-01 05:46 PM
In response to message 0
If new, try the AGP card in the other computer. Try any AGP or PCI display adapter with the new motherboard. I hope that wasn't so obvious as to appear to be untactful. Larry

2. RE: No Video on New Athlon Build
rcb27405 Mar-09-01 01:41 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the input. I did discover something that I,m 100% sure is the problem. I got video back by booting from a PCI vid card. In the Award Bios I noticed there is a setting "Display First" choices PCI Slot or AGP and it was defaulted to PCI Slot. This tells me that you could never get it to boot from the AGP slot until this was changed. With the big push on AGP over PCI you would think the default would be AGP. So I guess we all have to make sure we have a spare PCI card laying around so we can boot up our new "modern" builds.

3. RE: No Video on New Athlon Build
lbyard Mar-09-01 02:13 PM
In response to message 2
Although I change it to AGP, it makes no difference what that setting is as far as getting a display with an AGP (or PCI) display adapter and beep codes. Larry

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