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asus cuv4x motherboard
dendol Mar-05-01 06:49 AM
Hey, when i boot up my pc, i always get the error "keyboard error or no keyboard present". I have tested my keyboard and it wokrs fine on another system.

so i sent my mobo back to asus, and they said everything is fine. so i get it back yday (after hellish 4 weeks!) and i still have the exact same problem!

so my question is, is it the ps.2 port that is screwed? or could it be bios or something else?

if it is the port, can that be repaired, or is it better to buy a new mobo altogether?

thanks in advance,

1. RE: asus cuv4x motherboard
lbyard Mar-05-01 04:23 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-01 AT 04:26 PM (GMT)

It is more than likely being caused by either the motherboard or keyboard. Make sure you have the mouse and keyboard fully plugged into the correct sockets. Carefully inspect the plug on the keyboard—the plug could be broken or a wire going to it may be broken. The keyboard could have a stuck key. Try another keyboard. The keyboard socket on the motherboard may be broken where it attaches to the motherboard, there may be a cold solder joint, or the motherboard may be cracked. Try wiggling the connector; the problem may be intermittent. If the motherboard is still covered by warrantee, I would call Asus and then send it back again. There isn’t much more I can say about it. Larry

3. RE: asus cuv4x motherboard
lbyard Mar-06-01 04:58 PM
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Frankly, I had bad luck with a few Asus boards two or three years ago and don't use them. Some of my customers have said they like them. I use AMD CPU’s. I have had very good luck using Abit boards to build Pentium II and III computers for customers, but they were all Slot 1 motherboards. My Son, who does a lot with computers and music, likes his Abit SA6R (http://www.abit.com.tw/english/index.htm). The VP6 is getting good reviews. Larry

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