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i know this is gonna sound stupid BUT
galhad Mar-03-01 09:39 AM
they always taught me the only stupid question was the one not asked. so here goes
i am building a amd system i have everything my question is this. On the heatsink/fan for the processor is a pink pad of some type material do i leave that on and apply heatsink gel also or remove that and apply heatsink gel

1. RE: i know this is gonna sound stupid BUT
galhad Mar-04-01 03:37 PM
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ok larry nm i did some rersearch and found that it was best to remove the thermal tape and replace with the white stuff so i did this now i put it all together and booted it and got floppy fail(40) memory registered as 256 so dont think it was memory problem pretty sure cables are right gonna replace cable see if that does it hopefully i havent scrtewed anything up this is my first system to build myself would hate to have to buy a new MB grrr JD(what i go by in RL)

2. RE: i know this is gonna sound stupid BUT
lbyard Mar-04-01 07:54 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-04-01 AT 07:54 PM (GMT)

Actually, it is usually caused by cables. If the floppy LED stays on all of the time, it is the flat cable. See http://duxcw.com/faq/fd/fd.htm for floppy drive troubleshooting. Larry

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