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UNlock a BIOS?
pikachu Feb-24-01 02:54 PM

Could someone please tell me how to unlock a BIOS, i have a AMIBIOS. Here is info about it:

(This is what is written on the BIOS)

AMerican Megatrends

I really would appreciate is someone could help me with this.


1. RE: UNlock a BIOS?
lbyard Feb-25-01 03:37 PM
In response to message 0
More useful BIOS info is usually displayed when the computer first boots. It may be possible to identify (http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/mb/det.htm) the motherboard with that info. If you mean how to remove password protection on the BIOS… find the CMOS Discharge jumper, which is usually near the battery, and may have three or four pins on the header, and move it to the discharge position. The header may have no jumpers on it and may also be used to connect an external battery. Many 486 motherboards have a cylindrical lithium battery (usually blue) near the keyboard and the header is usually located to the left of the keyboard when looking at the front of the board, but there are many variations of 486 motherboards and the header may be anywhere on the motherboard. Some motherboards do not have one. Make sure the power cord is pulled when discharging the CMOS. You may have to keep it shorted for several minutes to fully discharge it. All drive parameters, etc. will have to be reentered after doing it. A lithium battery that old may be leaking and can damage the motherboard. If so, it should be removed and an external battery should be installed. Do not apply heat to a lithium battery. They can explode. I use a pair of pliers to twist and break them loose from the motherboard. The motherboard may also have a combination permanent battery and clock installed, which cannot be removed or replaced. Larry

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