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Boot-up Problem
jonarivera Feb-22-01 07:02 PM
I have a K7T Pro2A mother board with an 800MHz Athlon processor with an Expert Color DPM5020 AGP video card with 8Meg of RAM. The problem I have is that when computer is powered while monitor or printer is already on, the computer freezes and does not go through any BIOS boot up or anything. Only way to come up is to turn off printer or monitor and apply power to computer.
Monitor is an AMPTRON AV8S and video card is an Expert Color DPM5020 AGP w/8M RAM. Any help is appreciated.

1. RE: Boot-up Problem
lbyard Feb-22-01 07:53 PM
In response to message 0
The computer will consistently boot if the printer is not on, or if the monitor is not on, right. Every time? Unplug all three from the surge protector and plug all three directly into a wall outlet. Does that change things? Larry

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