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ari Feb-22-01 02:56 AM
I am wondering wether my motherboard is capable of running 133Mhz SDRAM at the speed of 133 without a BIOS update.Thank-you and God bless.

Please contact me at this address.

1. RE: EP-MVP3C2
copperpipe Feb-22-01 08:20 AM
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I think the answer to your question is probably no because I don't think that many have been successful at running the bus that fast. You can pose your question in the K6-X Series forum at www.amdzone.com/forum. And I believe you'd need the latest BIOS update to have those speeds available unless you use software like CPUCool.

I have that same motherboard and I have only been successful in running my bus as high as 112 mhz without sacrificing compatibility/stability. Beyond that, I get MMX errors and somewhat unstable performance. Most of the people with this EPOX board are able to achieve 600 mhz with a K6+ CPU.

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