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Installing ME on 900MHz Athlon/GA-71xe mobo
joegreen_1999@yahoo.com Feb-18-01 11:39 PM
Has anyone had any trouble installing ME on the
above described hardware? I currently have Win98
installed with no conflicts, and each time I try
to Upgraded the os to ME, it hangs on the section that deals with Plug and Play devices. I have followed MicroSoft's proceedure for restarting,
running in Safe Mode, and uninstalling. I have
also flashed my bios with the latests (f7) to
no avail. Is there a compatibility issue that
Gigabyte does not state on their website?

Thanks in advance,


1. RE: Installing ME on 900MHz Athlon/GA-71xe mobo
lbyard Feb-19-01 02:43 PM
In response to message 0
Try pulling all expansion boards except video and goint into the CMOS Setup, Integrated Peripherals and disabling all motherboard devices, such as COM ports and USB. Install Me and then plug-in/enable one board/motherboard resource at a time. You may have to go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Device Manager and remove drivers so Windows will detect Plug n Prey boards/resources and prompt to install the drivers. Larry

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