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bios upgrade
robert03 Feb-12-01 03:10 AM
i have an intel AL440LX , and just downloaded the bios upgraed form the intel site, coz i want to upgrade to PII333mhz, i don't know much about bios.
1. can anyone tell me how to backup the bios incase something goes worng.
2. they say at the site that this bios is used to upgrae to 333mhz, well my current processor is a 266mhz, if i upgrade the bios successfully, will it affect the processor, what i mean to ask is that do i need a specific bios for a specifice processor, or can i use any processor.

1. RE: bios upgrade
lbyard Feb-12-01 04:02 PM
In response to message 0
Most BIOS flash programs ask you if you want to backup the old BIOS and will back-it-up if you opt to do it, and tell it where to copy the old BIOS, before flashing the new one. But that probably will not allow you to recover the old BIOS if the new one is not installed properly.

I have not seen a case where a BIOS upgrade made a motherboard incompatible with a CPU that was previously working on the motherboard. That is, BIOS upgrades should be backward compatible with older processors.

I really donít see where flashing the BIOS is going to accomplish anything if the motherboard is working OK now. ďIf it ainít broke, why fix it?Ē Flash the BIOS at your own risk. Iíll warn you that if you make a mistake, the flash fails in midcourse (e.g., a power outage), or you flash with the wrong version or the BIOS, your motherboard may become inoperable and have to be shipped to a facility to have the BIOS reflashed. Larry

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