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Built 3 PIII 600MHz/100mhzbus all freeze every 30 sec
mrall Feb-11-01 11:45 PM
I built 3 systems with intel 600Mhz PIII/100mhz and 128meg PC133 memory, video/sound onboard. The boards are DELTA M81-X ATX. I have checked all jumper setting and had another person recheck all the settings they are correct(not many jumpers anyway mostly bios controlled). Bios setting are correct. Systems come on and run for about 10 mins and then locks-up. If I shut them off/on they function for about 2 mins and then lockup. The longer they are on the shorter between lockups (gets down to 30 secs) I have tried PC100 memory as well as other brands. It does not make a differance. (same for all three machines)

I have replaced the motherboards with PC133 M756lmrt . After installing the new motherboards I turn on the power. The power supply, CPU fan comes on, but no beeps(I checked speeker wires) and no picture nothing can't get to the BIOS.

I put the original boards back in and get the original results.

I don't believe it is a grounding problem because the power is coming on. I have tried changing the power supply. It has no effect.

I'm lost.
I hope it's something simple.

Please help ASAP

Thanks Marty

1. RE: Built 3 PIII 600MHz/100mhzbus all freeze every 30 sec
lbyard Feb-12-01 03:45 PM
In response to message 0
I donít know the manufacturer of the first set of boards, but I was not impressed with their web site. I do know something about the second set. No way would I ever buy a motherboard from themócheap garbage! My friend, when you buy a motherboard, please spend a little more money and get a quality motherboard from a manufacturer with a good reputation. See http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/buymb/intro.htm for more info. Larry

2. RE: Built 3 PIII 600MHz/100mhzbus all freeze every 30 sec
mrall Feb-12-01 08:37 PM
In response to message 1
The orginal boards are Intel 810 boards which are very good boards (I returned the replacements). And now that we have verified that the boards cost money and are good quality. How about telling me something useful. (besides spend more money)



3. RE: Built 3 PIII 600MHz/100mhzbus all freeze every 30 sec
lbyard Feb-12-01 10:19 PM
In response to message 2
They are DELTA (http://pc.delta.com.tw/Products_english/Board/M81-X/m81-x.html) M81-X motherboards, not Intel motherboards. (And Intel is not infallible eitheróthey have recalled motherboards before). Just because the chipset says Intel on them and they look pretty does not mean they are good boards. There have been plenty of poorly designed/bad boards with Intel chipsets. I am not saying the motherboards you have are bad; I have not seen or tested one of them. But, don't you think it's sort of odd that you are having exactly the same problem with all three computers? Maybe this is useful: it is an extremely rare event. That comes from someone who has built and upgraded many thousands of computers. All three are not configured correctly or have something in common in them that come from a bad lot (something is failing in threes): motherboards, memory, CPUs, or power supplies. Iíll bet itís the motherboards, or the CPU fans arenít spinning. Symptoms possibly indicate something is overheating. Try stripping one down to bare essentials: no expansion boards, just the hard disk, and floppy drive. What happens then? Try slowing the bus/mulitplier down, if you can. Larry

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