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Motherboard Problem
ankout Feb-08-01 11:26 AM
I own a PC with Qdi Titanium IB+ motherboard (socket 7) and Intel 166 MMX.I use it only for word proccessing, so it's enough for me.
A few days ago I have a problem. My motherboard recognizes the CPU as 100 MHz only and 2nd it forgets the setup. Every time I boot up my PC the date is 1/1/1998, the time is 00:00 and CPU at 100 MHz (sometimes 120 MHz). I put the right values,but when I shut down the machine it forgets them.
I downloaded the newer drivers from QDI site and I flashed it, but nothing.Also I put a new batery and I cleared CMOS by JP6, but nothing.
Please if you know something that I must do tell me
Thank you very much

1. RE: Motherboard Problem
deerslayer Feb-08-01 12:02 PM
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sounds like you need to replace the mobo battery.

3. RE: Motherboard Problem
ankout Feb-08-01 04:31 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Feb-08-01 AT 04:34 PM (GMT)

Thank you, but what is "mobo battery"
Thanks again

2. RE: Motherboard Problem
lbyard Feb-08-01 04:16 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Feb-08-01 AT 04:22 PM (GMT)

The battery should be a CR2032. Make sure it is properly installed and + is up. If you have a multimeter or you have a friend who has a multimeter, remove the battery and check the voltage. It should read 3.0 volts when fully charged. If it reads 1.8 volts or higher it is probably OK. Be very careful installing and removing coin-shaped batteries. Most of the battery holders I have seen for these batteries are quite fragile and easily broken. I ease these batteries into the holder with the aid of a “tweaker” (small screw driver). Larry

4. RE: Motherboard Problem
ankout Feb-08-01 04:33 PM
In response to message 2
Thanks a lot. I bought the same exactly battery. I suppose it is CR2032

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