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KT7 powerup problem
Robert4390 Feb-01-01 00:20 AM
Larry, I shorted pins 14 & 15 on the ATX power supply plug and nothing happened. The fan did not come on or nothing. Bad power supply?

2. RE: KT7 powerup problem
Robert4390 Feb-01-01 11:03 PM
In response to message
Larry, you wouldn't believe it, (Or maybe you would!). The 115/230 voltage switch was not pushed all the way over to 115v, must have been in somewhat of a neutral position. After moving it back and forth several times it all of a sudden went all the way over to the 115v side. Plugged it into the board and everything posted up fine. The switch is somewhat difficult to move because it is flush with the ps case, and, there is a metal divider right in the middle of the slot. Thanks Larry, problem solved.

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