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P 4 vs. dual P3
longhorn Jan-31-01 10:05 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-01 AT 10:07 PM (GMT)


I'm an engineering graduate student about to buy a computer with my advisors money (3-4k). My question is which is going to give me more raw power for my work. I will be running some pretty intensive simulations and any way to perform these faster is desired. So, the question is should I buy the fastest pentium 4 (1.5 Ghz, 400 mhz bus) or dual pentium 3's (we probably can't afford the dual Xeon chips). The benchmarks for floating point and integer calculations seem to be about the same for these two Dell computers I looked at. Furthermore, is the advantage of dual processors realized only for programs/compilers specifically designed for this purpose or will all programs benifit based soley on Windows 2000 allocating work to each chip simultaneously. Any help would be appreciated.

1. RE: P 4 vs. dual P3
deerslayer Feb-01-01 10:30 AM
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If I had the $ I would get the fastest AMD t-bird you can get your hands on and build around that. They are cheaper and from all the benchmarks I have read I believe they are better performers.

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