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what do you think?
deerslayer Jan-25-01 04:52 PM
Hi Larry,

I want to swap mobo's with my girlfriends pc.
She has a abit be-6 and i have a bx rev-2. They both have the newest and last bios updates that abit will be making available. ( the be-6 can run a faster processor and has more mulitiplier and bus speed options) and I am getting a new celeron.So my question is, do you think this will cause problems? I have swapped out hard drives already without problems. The be-6(presently) has a soundblaster live, voodoo3 16 mb pci, dlink ethernet card, w/d 13 gig hard drive. The bx6 rev 2 (presently) has a soundblaster live, ati radeon 64 mb ddr agp,dlink card,13.6 w/d hard drive and a 30gig maxtor,also a 56k modem. both also have cd rom's.


1. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Jan-25-01 06:42 PM
In response to message 0
There is no way to tell if there will be major problems, however, a plus is that both boards have the BX440 chipset. I’d do it (if I had a girl friend and I was sure we weren’t going to break-up, or at least for a long time—maybe I shouldn’t have said that…). Larry

2. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-10-01 11:08 PM
In response to message 1
Well I did the switch. Took everything out of both boards, put everything that was in the be-6 in the bx-6 rev 2. Fired up the bx first no problem. Went to fire up the be-6 and nothing. The hard drive , floppy, cd rom, power supply all go, but the screen is completely blank. Double checked and found nothing wrong. So i switched back, still nothing on the be-6. Then i went to put it back where the problem occured and i noticed a fine scratch on the white lines that go around the plastic cpu clips that are mounted on the mobo. My question is, do these carry power?
Any ideas? I tried everything i could think of including clear cmos. No luck. If it does carry juice think it can be fixed? Our eloctronics guy at work repairs circuit boards all the time. could ask him if i can't get it to go.

3. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-12-01 03:10 PM
In response to message 2
I would guess that the scratch was there before and not causing the problem. See http://duxcw.com/faq/mb/mb.htm for how to troubleshoot a dead motherboard. Start with the possiblitiy of something under the motherboard. Larry

4. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-12-01 03:24 PM
In response to message 3
think I am at the part at the bottom that says: replace motherboard.

Hmmmm, she has my old one..... I'm thinking RAID!

5. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-12-01 04:20 PM
In response to message 4
Before giving-up… I would pull the power cord, pull the motherboard out of the case, reseat memory, set the motherboard on top of the case turned on its side and on something to prevent a short (e.g., the box the motherboard came it, not the anti-static bag which may conduct electricity), plug in the power-on and speaker wires, plug-in the display adapter, plug-in the power supply power to the motherboard, plug-in the power cord, check the display adapter and make sure it is properly seated (balancing act), hold my breath, and push the power switch. If that does not work, let it sit overnight and try again. You would be surprised how many motherboards come back from the dead that way.

I was a bit disillusioned with the RAID functionality of the Abit RAID boards and am still waiting for DDR. I will do a complete research job before buying my next motherboard, which may or may not be Abit. It will not, however, have the Highpoint 370 RAID chip. It may have another RAID chip, but I doubt it. Larry

6. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-12-01 04:39 PM
In response to message 4
I will try it tonight. Electronics guy here said it can't be fixed and he thinks the scratch did it in. Anyway, I got to get my pc back up. I got my girlfriend and an 8 year old who are yelling at me to get off THEIR computers. (some gratitude huh?)

I wanted to stay with the bx chipset so i dont have to format so I ordered the abit bx 133 raid.( can use all my components) It was no more than a comparable (good quality) motherboard without raid. Seen some benchmarks that were impressive in RAID 0 mode. I would need another hard drive anyway to set that up. I currently have a western digital 13.6 udma 33 and a maxtor 7200rpm 30 gig ata 66. From what I read about the ata100's there is not much of a performence difference from th 66's. I also understand ( i think) that if your Hd's are not the same size you can't set raid up properly. Oh well birthday in a few months!

7. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-12-01 06:58 PM
In response to message 4
LAST EDITED ON Feb-12-01 AT 07:00 PM (GMT)

one question: in your explanation to try it again, doesnt the motherboard have to be grounded to the frame? i dont want to trash my new cpu & video card.

8. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-12-01 07:19 PM
In response to message 7
I've never done that. There are plenty of ground wires in the power connector. Standing on an antistatic mat wouldn't hurt. Discharging yourself by touching the chassis might be a good idea. Larry

9. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-12-01 11:32 PM
In response to message 8
i think it is dead. I followed where the scratch is and it goes to the agp slot, so I tried a pci video, nothing. LEaving it set in "clear" cmos jumper.

Bx133 should be @ work wednesday, let you know if how I like it. Also, I was looking at motherboards, there are very few, even with bios updates that take more than 1 gig(intel) from what I saw.

10. RE: what do you think?
diletante Feb-13-01 02:32 AM
In response to message 9
In response to the original question, I think you keyed that motherboard cuz you just want a new one. Rob

11. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-13-01 01:18 PM
In response to message 10
I agree. Another form of stealth buying...

I think I am going to try to get away with buying a digital camera in the $400-600 range next month. That should get a camera with a 2+ megapixel CCD, optical zoom, USB interface, and a rechargeable battery. My primary use will be to shoot pictures for Digest how to articles and reviews. I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon reading reviews, but found most of the good ones were written by people who sell cameras. I would appreciate a post if anyone who has any recommendations? Larry

13. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-13-01 02:31 PM
In response to message 11
Did you see this one yet?


14. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-13-01 02:46 PM
In response to message 13
why when I cut and paste a link in here doesn't it underline the whole thing? happened once before I think.

15. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-13-01 07:05 PM
In response to message 14
I've noticed... Larry

16. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-13-01 07:09 PM
In response to message 13
Thanks much. Just tried it, but it leaves out some more likely cameras which are newer than those listed. Come on folks, one of you must have the ultimate $400-600 Digital Camera. Larry

17. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-14-01 00:17 AM
In response to message 11
did you try pc world? i think they do a top 10 every month

27. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Mar-14-01 01:17 PM
In response to message 11
I bought an Olympus C-3000 Zoom (http://www.olympusamerica.com/product.asp?s=12&product=615). Larry

12. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-13-01 02:30 PM
In response to message 10
Well, I would have been happy with the BE-6 in my computer. I got a Celeron 2 633@ 106 fsb running @ 1008 mhz stable (hottest I saw it was 38c) with a fop 32 heat sink, 2 case fans and a slot fan under my radeon. My BX-6 rev 2 jumps from 100 to 112 fsb in the bios. That was the newest and last bios upgrade so I can't get it over 956mhz on the bx-6 rev. 2.

18. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-14-01 02:37 PM
In response to message 12
i have the worst luck. Now the fan 1,2 and 3 pin headers are acting up on the bx-6 board. last night the alarm went off for the cpu fan.( temp was still ok.) I checked it out and it would spin for 30 minutes than start surging (slower) than back up to normal speed.Checked the voltages and everything was steady. So I put it on fan 2, same thing. Tried a different power supply, same problem. I am going to get a 3pin to 4 connector so I can plug it into the wires off the power supply. It is a heavy duty heatsink but this model they say you don't need the other connector.

You know years ago, I never has trouble with my commadore 64!

19. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-15-01 00:50 AM
In response to message 18
LAST EDITED ON Feb-15-01 AT 00:51 AM (GMT)

The fan probably has a bad bearing. Have a 64 in the attic somewhere near the Sinclair and other relics. Saving them for my Son so he can sell them as anti-Qs (as we say it in Maine when the tourists drive by). Larry

20. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-16-01 03:08 PM
In response to message 19
Ok, pulled the board and tried another case, using the ide 1 for udma and it fired up. Put the bx back in my case and it fired up. Put the new board back in mine and it wouldn't work(????). I was reading you cant use the ide 3 and 4 cuz the drivers aren't loaded yet for ata 100 and 66. ( comes on floppy. This is too weird, think i might have a short in my case????? What the @#$%?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

21. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-16-01 06:15 PM
In response to message 20
LAST EDITED ON Feb-16-01 AT 06:17 PM (GMT)

You are having a terrible time... Well, there was one computer a long time ago in which we replaced every ++++++ thing, I mean everything—built it three or four times. Finally, we replaced the case (not the power supply) and it worked. One of “those mysteries.” You probably have something shorted or something open or something not seated properly; it is intermittent; it is apparently being triggered by putting stuff in and out of the case. Make sure all of motherboard screws are fully screwed down and not cross-threaded. They can have an intermittent effect on the ground plane. Do not over-torque, just snug them. Try another power supply if you haven’t before. I’ll say it again: you do not have to have any drives connected to get a BIOS post and output on the screen with almost all, if not all, motherboards and power supplies made in the last few years; i.e., you will see a memory check, etc. Connecting a drive is getting ahead of the game and introducing more factors than you want when trying to boot a motherboard that is apparently dead. If it won’t post without the drive, it certainly will not with it. The problem may be influenced by something external to the computer… I remember one Packard Bell “Pizza” tower that would boot on workbench, but not at the customer’s home or even on my store counter. It turned-out that the power supply cables, which are longer than normal in that computer, were zip-tied too tight—believe it! Larry

22. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-17-01 02:06 AM
In response to message 21
Well, I switched everything from one case to another. There was something shorting out, no doubt. Beofr I switched, it would boot one time laying on it's side, sit it up and it wouldn't. anyway, I gutted them. Put everything in diffent case and vise versa, and they both work.( figures huh?) Could not find anything loose as far as screws etc when I was dismantling.

I hate this case but I will need a bottle of Jack Daniels to have the ambition to switch them back. Think I will cut a couple blow holes tomorrow and modify this one anyhow.
One thing I did notice, the high point controller was on the same irq as the modem. I wasn't comfortable with this so I swapped modem to another pci slot.

Want to flash the bios but the abit directions are not for win ME ; Says to flash the bios in pure dos(which me does not have) with a floppy that has two files in it and a formated floppy with system files only besides the two files from abit Direction are vague.. I remember flashing the other 2 here no problem.

Not telling you what I got that thing overclicked to, but those 1mhz increments in FSB are great!!!! )

23. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-17-01 03:49 PM
In response to message 22

HPT 370 RAID controller on the Abit BX133-RAID motherboard shares IRQs with PCI slots 3 & 5. Also, PCI slot 5 shares and IRQ with slot 2 and uses the same Bus Master signals and the HPT controller. For this reason you cannot use slot 3 with Windows NT, which does not allow IRQ sharing. Like most motherboards, the AGP slot shares an IRQ with PCI slot 1 (the one nearest the AGP slot).

My best guess on the case problem is a dangling wire that is shorting-out. Likely candidates are a pushed-in pin on a drive power connector, broken speaker wire, broken (or shorted) front panel wire, and a nicked flat cable. That’s why I disconnect all of these things, except the speaker and power-on, when trouble shooting a dead motherboard.

Oh, I do remember the old days (60’s) when the state liquor store in Raleigh was across the road from Shonie's drive-in restaurant (guess you might call it that). On Friday after a long week of study we would hop in my 1940 Studebaker, pick a bottle of Black Label, drive across the road, order some coke’s (a terrible mistreatment of such refined stuff), and… Well, I guess that isn’t in vogue anymore, but I still drink a little of the stuff once in a while--but not before working on computers.

24. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-17-01 05:18 PM
In response to message 22
Well just about everything is back to normal. I am not using the raid function at this time but when I do I am sure I will have a few questions for you. I have a udma 33 western digital 13.6 and an ata 66 7200 rpm Maxtor 30 gig. If I go get another 30 gig ata 100 this time, will this work with the raid W/ the ata 66? I have udma 33 as master with O.S. in C. and the maxtor is a slave. Both are plugged into ide 3, using the high point controller. They are set at udma 4 ( is this right?) according to the manual, ide 3 and 4 will optimize an older drive by running it up to 99m/per sec. Anyway, back to RAid quickly, let me know when you have time if i should get a 66 or a 100 ata to run with the 30 gig ata 66.( does raid work with anything but ata 100?)
I am having one problem, it appears the ics is not functioning properly. all pc's see each other and share files, in host I see all the required adapters. protocols, etc. ( See TCP (home)--> nic card and tcp->(shared) dial up adapter. In the past this if this was missing it would not work.
I have ics enabled on host (ME), and have it in tool tray, only shows 1 pc connected to internet.
I also have and did have to have in the past netbeui installed in all 3 or pc's wouldn't see each other. Tried removing in all and then saw no clients, hosts, etc. Reinstalled it, see everything in net neighborhood. Also clients have gateawy on tcp ip --> nic card as gateway. Tried removing and reinstalling that as well.

Oh well, On the rocks or staight up in a short glass is the way to down the black label ( you mean jack or johnny walker?)

All this worked fine before the big swap.

Thank you once again for all your advice and help.

25. RE: what do you think?
deerslayer Feb-19-01 11:22 AM
In response to message 24
Got the ME ICS problem fixed. when I put the pci cards in I thought I put them in the same slots. Must have mixed the modem and nic card, then when windows was installing new hardware It asked for the driver. Went in safe mode and and there was 2 instances of nic card in there. Removed them both and reinstalled, works fine now.

26. RE: what do you think?
lbyard Feb-19-01 03:09 PM
In response to message 24
ATA/100 = Ultra ATA direct memory access Mode 5. ATA/66 = UDMA Mode 4. I would think that ATA/100 and 66 drives would work OK together, but haven’t tried it. Jack. If it’s scotch, it’s J&B on the rocks, sometimes with some water. Those sometimes are getting further apart with age. Larry

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