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System stalls in reboot during scan disk
Knucklehead Jan-04-01 09:48 PM
In the reset mode my system stalls when it hits scan disk. When it hits about 20% it beeps 3 times and then quits scanning. When it quits the power LED flashes. If I hit enter it takes me out of scan disk and continues to boot. Thanks in advance.

1. RE: System stalls in reboot during scan disk
lbyard Jan-05-01 04:52 PM
In response to message 0
By reset mode, do you mean you are pushing the reset button. One should not use that button when in Windows unless a normal shut-down and Ctrl-Alt-Delete do not work. If a computer “wedges” (locks-up, etc.) use Ctrl-Alt-Delete first and try to end the non-responding task, press the reset button second, and use the power switch/pulling the power cord as a last resort. The reset button and power switch/cord methods will occasionally corrupt files and may require a complete Windows, etc. install.

What motherboard, BIOS, and hard disk do you have? Do you see any clusters that are marked bad when Scandisk first starts to scan? The beeps are quite unusual after a computer goes through the BIOS post and may indicate intermittent memory, motherboard, or power supply problem, but those kinds of problems usually (and rarely) cause random beeps. Or, are you really hearing the hard disk drive and the beeps more like a clinking sound? Clinks from a Seagate drive usually indicate a drive that is about ready fail or has failed. Try running an anti-virus program, check your cables, reseat the memory, pull all boards except video, and disconnect all drives except the hard disk. Larry

2. RE: System stalls in reboot during scan disk
Knucklehead Jan-05-01 05:11 PM
In response to message 1
Yes it happens when I push the reset button and it goes into scan disk because windows was not properly shut down. I have an Asus p3v4x mb with award bios and a Maxtor 15 gb 7200 rpm hard drive. When it hits scan disk it will run up to about 20% give off 3 distinct beeps and then scan disk will stop and the power LED will flash until I hit enter. Like I said if I hit enter it takes it back into the normal boot sequence without completing scan disk. No bad clusters are showing. Other than this issue the system gives me no other problems.

3. RE: System stalls in reboot during scan disk
lbyard Jan-05-01 06:11 PM
In response to message 2
The power LED flashing without crashing the computer is absolutely weird. Check the plug on the cable going from the LED to the motherboard. The beeps after posting are extremely unusual. Something appears to be pulling hard on the power supply. But its not crashing??? The fact that the problem can be consistently reproduced at the same point just about rules-out a cracked motherboard, intermittent ground, etc. And the computer otherwise works OK??? A long shot… Try another hard disk cable (use the one going to your CD-ROM). Look for a knick. Larry

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