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Micro ATX vs ATX
BBATES Jan-04-01 11:16 AM
What is micro ATX? Can a Micro ATX motherboard fit into a standard ATX case?

1. RE: Micro ATX vs ATX
lbyard Jan-04-01 02:32 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-04-01 AT 02:33 PM (GMT)

The MicroATX Form Factor Specifications and Design Guides are at http://www.teleport.com/~ffsupprt/spec/microatxspecs.htm.

microATX is a new motherboard form factor designed to meet new market trends and PC
technologies. Lower system cost is the main driving force for the new form factor. The size of the form factor allows for smaller chassis, motherboard, and power supply, thus reducing the cost of entire system. The microATX form factor is also backward-compatible with the ATX form factor with some modifications.

Many ATX cases will accommodate microATX motherboards; e.g., the AOpen HX45A (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Cases/aopen/hx45a/hx45a.htm). Larry

2. RE: Micro ATX vs ATX
BBATES Jan-04-01 09:48 PM
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Thanks for the very informative info

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