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Abit KT7 (non-RAID) and 3D Blaster Savage4
Kalliopy Dec-16-00 04:06 PM
I recently decided to rebuild my Pentium II-350 system. I have ordered an Abit KT7 (non-Raid) and a 1.1 gig Thunderbird Socket A (I originally ordered the MSI K7T Pro 2A, however, it has been out of stock for nearly two weeks from the place that I ordered it from, so I switched my order to the Abit KT7 as they had that board in stock, and the reviews for it were good). I am currently using a Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Riva TNT 16MB AGP (the *original* TNT card, not the TNT2), and thought it good to upgrade that as well. I placed an order last night for a Creative Labs 3D Blaster Savage4 32mb AGP, as I couldn't pass up the excellent price (bought it new for $49). Do any of you use this card, especially with the KT7 board? How compatible is it? I've also been considering a Matrox Millenium G400, as Matrox cards are my personal favorite (I used to have a Mystique a few years ago and loved it). I've heard of some compatibility problems with the KT7 with some makes of video cards, and I'd like to avoid as much of that as possible. Thanks for your help!


1. RE: Abit KT7 (non-RAID) and 3D Blaster Savage4
Nin May-23-01 03:57 AM
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I ever use S3 Savage4 with Abit KT7 RAID which is compatible and no problem .

2. RE: Abit KT7 (non-RAID) and 3D Blaster Savage4
copperpipe May-23-01 07:56 AM
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From what I've read elsewhere, your Savage4 will be fine if you only do basic windows applications, internet browsing, etc. But if you play 3D games, you would be much better off with something like a GeForce 2 MX video card. For 3D gaming, your Savage4 will be holding back your system performance.

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