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ati 8M with TV output
lemon Dec-05-00 08:37 AM
I have a pc monitor card ati 8M with TV output.
1. Can anyone tell me the output description of the TV connector?
2. Do I need to do some setups so that the TV signal will go out from connector?
thank you,

2. RE: ati 8M with TV output
lemon Dec-05-00 09:13 PM
In response to message
The card model is: ATI RANGEIIC W/8MB

Thank you!

3. RE: ati 8M with TV output
lbyard Dec-06-00 03:39 PM
In response to message 2
You can download the User Manual at http://support.ati.com/manual_pdf/online.pdf. It may also be on the CD that came with the board. According to the manual, the TV out is S-Video and can be either the American NTSC or European, etc. PAL system, depending on the variation you purchased. Your TV set, etc. would have to have an S-Video input jack to connect it directly with an S-video cable. You may be able to pipe the signal through a VCR or video camera if it has an S-Video input and your TV set does not. There are S-Video to RCA plug cables on the market. You can probably get more info on this from a Hi Fi/camera/video store, Radio Shack, or web sites selling these products. Search google.com for s-video to RCA converter. In my experience with ATI products, the TV output is controlled (turning it on and off) by the software that comes with the card. You can download the software at http://support.ati.com/drivers/drivers.html. Other readers may have more direct experience with this specific ATI product. Larry

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