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Would Thermal Grease help on K6-2 500MHz?
Pavol Nov-20-00 07:41 PM
Hi Larry,
Shuld I apply the Thermal Grease to the Heat Sink and CPU for my K6-2 500MHz? I upgraded to it from 350 on my EP-51MVP3E-M based system, at the same time beefed up the memoty to 384MB from 96MB and upgraded the 8MB AGPx2 to 32MB AGPx2. I also replaced the CPU fan with a small case fan...
When I replace the left side cover on the case, (which is the 1/4 extra width kind you get when buing Alto systems) sometimes the alarm would come on for a while anyway. (this is happening pretty randomly - usually the temperature is no more than couple degrees above the alarm level)
If yes, where can I get and which one is a good quality Thermal Grease?

Also, when I connect this new fan to the motherboards 3pin socket for the CPU FAN, it will never turn on.
If I connect it to the motherboards 3pin socket for the CHASSIS FAN it will always stay on. What may be the mater with the CPU FAN socket? (I tried it before with a 3 pin CPU FAN, with the same result, so I was using the 4 pin connection CPU FAN directly powered from the power suply)

Thanks a lot for your input, this is the best site of this kind I ever seen!

1. RE: Would Thermal Grease help on K6-2 500MHz?
lbyard Nov-21-00 04:37 PM
In response to message 0
You need to turn-off your computer and get a chassis fan before your burn-up the CPU/damage the motherboard! In almost all cases (pun intended), you cannot replace a CPU fan with a chassis fan. AMD recommends thermo grease for K6-2 heat sink, but high quality heat sink/fans with a thermo pad on the bottom will work well and keep the CPU temperature will within specifications. The pad looks like Teflon. Be sure to remove any protective film, which may or may not be on the pad, before installing. Thermo grease works better than a thermo if properly applied, but can make it difficult to remove the heat sink after it has baked-in and can be quite messy. I would search Google with “thermo grease” to find sources. That much memory may actually slow the computer down. The motherboard traces to the CPU power socket may be I have seen this problem on one motherboard like yours. If that is the case, I would get a chassis (if you need one in addition to the CPU fan) or CPU fan which plugs into a power supply connector. The CPU heat detection device is a small, blue thermistor under the CPU and works independently of CPU fan speed measuring function, which is based on a tachometer in the fan. Both, however, interface to a Winbond chip behind the expansion board slots. Larry

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