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Is socket 7 history?
jwey Mar-15-00 08:26 PM
Hi Larry,

I really can't say enough about your site. It is #1 in my bookmarks of computer sites. Now my question... In your opinion, is socket 7 dying (or maybe just drying up)? The reason I ask is that I really love it (I have an old AMD K6 233 MHz) and am thinking of building a new Super 7, maybe with one of the EPOX boards and your recommended AOpen case. I know the Athlon is the new hotrod, but I guess I'm just an "old timer". So what do you think? Thanks!


2. RE: Is socket 7 history?
diletante Mar-23-00 03:04 PM
In response to message
Ah, the stealth upgrade! A wonderful thing. I don't know about socket 7, but the stealth upgrade will help to keep baby AT motherboards around for a while - at least at my house. I have 3 old cases with 2nd and 3rd generation guts.

3. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Mar-23-00 03:51 PM
In response to message 2
"Stealth Upgrade"... I like that. I've been doing it for about 21 years (yup, built my first PC in 1979; could have been a billionaire). So far, I’ve stealthed an EpoX 7KXA Athlon motherboard into the showroom and I’m looking to do a Hail Mary past the cash register… I almost got my 650 Mhz Athlon in the door a few days ago, and got caught! I am looking for a good day to try an end run (a big order from a customer, so I can sneak the CPU in the resulting orders to vendors). And, I plan to backdoor a 7,200 RPM disk drive….

I, like you, work on the hand-me-down principle. I have the best machine, my son has the second best machine, and my wife just got an upgrade to 333PR Cyrix obtained from a customer when he upgraded (she was thrilled after using a 166 Mhz Pentium for a year). That makes it easier to sell a new addition. It allows any opponents to spending money to rationalize and takes the heat off yours truly…

Nope, the Baby AT ain’t dead. I’m installing an EpoX MVPC2 upgrade with 450 Mhz K6-2 in a customer’s computer as I write (running benchmarks on it right now). If the Baby AT were dead, I wouldn’t bother to review Baby AT motherboards. I should have a review of the C2 board up today or this weekend. ATA/66 doesn’t look that great; like the G2. Thanks for the comments… Larry

4. RE: Is socket 7 history?
diletante Mar-24-00 07:44 PM
In response to message 3
You're very recourceful. (Just what I would expect from another NC State grad.) You are quite right about the hand-me-down principle, as I am discovering.

I'm getting ready to sneak a MVP3C2 into one of my machines next week (see my other post). A generous soul gave me a hand-me-down K6-2/350, and it needs a nice retirement home. He was an overclocker, so I hope its brains aren't too cooked.


5. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Mar-24-00 07:56 PM
In response to message 4
Rip 'em up tear 'em up, give 'em H---, State! Those were some of the best years of my life... I sure could stand a tall, cool one at the Player's Retreat right now...

Be sure you have Win 98 or Win 95 OSR2 on that old computer. Older versions of Win 95 will not work with a K6-2 at 350 Mhz. OSR2 has to be patched to work at that speed. 98 is ok. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/cpu/osr2ptch.htm.
You can get the thing going long enough to install the patch by setting the clock multiplier to 3X. Larry

6. RE: Is socket 7 history?
diletante Mar-24-00 08:57 PM
In response to message 5
Thanks for that info. My Windows 95 CD is pretty old, so I will have to consider this problem. I have been keeping up with all the patches provided on the MS web pages, does that get you up to OSR2?

Symantec Ghost is supposed to come with the motherboard. I was thinking about ghosting the old (1GB) hard drive across my network to save the disk image. After the mobo/processor upgrade, I will have a new 13GB drive, so I would boot up and copy the image to the new drive. All this may be dreaming. I have never seen what Ghost can do, and my machine is actually set up to dual boot Linux. IF I had a fresh W'98 CD, I would just load that up, repartition with Partion Magic and then install Linux. Of course then I still would have to recover all my backed up files, reload applications, and go on the web for updates. I feel tired already.

BTW I was at State off and on from '71 until '86. Haven't been to the PR in a while, but I get back to Raleigh a couple of times a year.

Have a good weekend, and pull for State. I think they might win the NIT.


7. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Mar-24-00 09:17 PM
In response to message 6
I thought you were old. I left there in '66. I went back for a reunion about four years ago. You should be able to Ghost from one drive directly to the other, but I don't remember if you can expand the partition with Ghost. I normally use Partition Magic. You are probably better off starting with a fresh install, copying everything except the root directory and c:\windows, and reinstlling the aps. I would make the C: partition 2-4 gigs. If you have ever defragged anything greater than 6.4 gigs you would know why. My feeling is that Microsoft should fix the problem with older versions of Windows. It is a software timing problem and clearly their problem, not AMD's. I know one thing, it really angers my customers when they find-out about it; I have to give one customer the bad news today (buy the Windows 98 SE upgrade or run the processor at 300 Mhz). See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/winver.htm to determine what version of Windows you have. Larry

15. RE: Is socket 7 history?
myjrny Feb-28-01 03:41 PM
In response to message
Hi! What is a socket7?? I ask because thru default I became owner of three boxes of socket7's. I am guessing I have @ 300 of them. As far as I know, no one but a manufacturer has a use for them. I have had them for several years and was planning on throwing them away. Can you give me any info on them. Please e-mail me at myjrny@juno.com

8. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Jun-22-00 04:21 PM
In response to message 0
Yes! It is now: 6/22/00. Larry

9. RE: Is socket 7 history?
xfile Oct-04-00 05:01 PM
In response to message 8
Actually, socket7 made an exit to slot technology but is now returning for a comeback. Can't you see what's happening here? Upgrades can only go so far if the technology changes, there go your upgrades. What will it be tomorrow? Your guess is as good as anyones. Maybe synthetic thought or virtual thinking and learning. We have come farther in 3 years than the previous 25. Wake to the smell of cpu cooking.See ya! Have a great day!


11. RE: Is socket 7 history?
diletante Oct-05-00 12:46 PM
In response to message 8
This round of deja vu comes at an interesting time for me. After an absence of a couple of months from this forum (due to a new work assignment -- somebody quit and I got his job in addition to my own), I spent some time yesterday catching up on the news. Last winter I helped my son to build his first computer out of obsolete parts. After a couple of iterations we came up with a useful Pentium 120, and my son learned a great deal about PCs. It was one of my better ideas.

Of course a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Now my son knows enough about PCs to recognize the potential for upgrading. He is constantly after me to help him, and I have given my promise. As a result, he saved up enough money to buy a motherboard and processor, and if I don't help him upgrade, he is threatening to spend it on junk food. Which gets us to the present subject. He was planning on getting a socket 7 board and a K6/2. Worse yet, his case is an AT.

So I came to the DUX pages to find out if there is still life left in the old stuff. Last night, to my wife's relief, I told my son it is a bad time to upgrade. We should wait for the next generation of socket A boards. Unfortunately he doesn't have near enough money for the upgrade considering that he needs an ATX case and new RAM as well, so he will have to save twice as much. This terrible news sent him into despair. All that work for nothing! All those Chick-Fil-As he had skipped! The CDs he could have had! My heart was breaking. Then an idea turned disaster into opportunity.

"Son," I said, "I'll make you a deal. Wait a little while and I will upgrade one of my K6 machines. You can have the old motherboard and CPU. All you have to buy is the case and some RAM. In the mean time I'll give you a 15GB hard drive that will speed up your machine."

I have to admit that didn't quite cut it with my son (he's a teenager, he wants it NOW), and my wife gave me some nasty looks, but I'm back in business, happily anticipating an Athlon system.


13. RE: Is socket 7 history?
brianhiggins98 Dec-13-00 06:04 AM
In response to message 11
Socket 7 is officially dead Since amd now anounced that they plan on stopping production of all k6-2 and k6-3 to try to push their new duron cpu's

14. RE: Is socket 7 history?
gus Jan-06-01 11:23 AM
In response to message 13
k6-III+ 450 brings new life,stability,temp drop while clocked at 550 on epox mvp3g5.At last enough cpu to take advantage of the 2m L2(L3) cash.Big improvement over k6III 450.FIC 2013 2m L2 k6-III+ 450 even more impressive clocked 600.Both machines now crash proof. Best sixty dollar cpu get em while you can.Expect same stability at 700,expect to add an intake case fan. gus

16. RE: Is socket 7 history?
mccartjt Apr-09-01 04:52 AM
In response to message 14
I have a Shuttle 591P and Pentium 200mmx.. Running great.. I did an upgrade to AMD K6-3 450mhz & it all went to *&1T !!! I took it in to my local shop and they could not fix it. Does any one have any suggestions?? OS Win 98 edition one. Problem is that it randomly locks up I've done all the obvious any suggestions gratefully received!!

John McC


17. RE: Is socket 7 history?
copperpipe Apr-09-01 05:29 AM
In response to message 16
LAST EDITED ON Apr-09-01 AT 05:39 AM (GMT)

Is your heatsink/fan providing enough cooling? Does your problem occur at the very start or does it happen after the system warms up? You need to have the thermal grease on the CPU as it gets quite a bit hotter than the Intel chip.

And what kind of memory chips are you using? Your AMD chip uses a 100 mhz bus and needs PC100 SDRAM chips if you run the bus speed that high.

You could try rebooting your computer and set your BIOS settings to the factory defaults to get the computer to run more stable. Then you change some of those to higher performance settings until you find what is causing the problem.

19. RE: Is socket 7 history?
mccartjt Apr-13-01 06:54 PM
In response to message 17
We are going to change the CPU voltage settings to specifically to manual. I have done a BIOS upgrade.. Just one thing has any one experience with shuttle 591P as I always thought that it was a great MOBO manufacturer and this has been a disaster for me..? John M

21. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Apr-14-01 07:27 PM
In response to message 19
I have used it for upgrades numerous times and have had good luck with it. I built a scratch Win 2K machine with a used 591P and a 300 MHz K6-2 a week or so ago and it has been purring away without problems since then. Larry

23. RE: Is socket 7 history?
deerslayer Apr-18-01 01:17 AM
In response to message
Wow! 1 yr old thread still going

633 Celeron @1055, Abit bx-133, 384 Kingmax pc 133 @ cas 2-2-2, ATI radeon 64 mb DDR 16 fans

25. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Apr-18-01 12:41 PM
In response to message 23
Catchy title, I guess. It sure gets a lot of views. My my, a whole year in a heart beat. Larry

26. RE: Is socket 7 history?
copperpipe Apr-21-01 08:05 AM
In response to message 25
Well socket 7 has been fun and good to me...and I am still playing with it. For the things that I do with my computer, socket 7 is more than adequate. I do AutoCAD as well as normal business applications and the socket 7 system is plenty fast enough for me.

Even my son is pretty content playing his Half Life Counterstrike with my 600 mhz overclocked system.

27. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Apr-21-01 05:17 PM
In response to message 26
Now, you know why there is a tech sector slump. 1.7 GHz Pentium 4’s… Big deal! Who needs it at $350 plus the cost of RamBus? I’m still waiting and using my 500 Mhz K6-2 and EpoX MVP3G2 Socket 7 motherboard. I cannot remember when I’ve had the same motherboard and processor in my computer for so long. Larry

28. RE: Is socket 7 history?
jwey Apr-21-01 07:50 PM
In response to message 27
Wow, this IS a long thread (now look what I started!). Anyway, I agree--socket 7 is more than good enough for me (AMD K6-2 400 with EPox MVP3G-M mobo). Still, if DDR RAM keeps dropping and they work the bugs out of the new boards...


29. RE: Is socket 7 history?
copperpipe Apr-27-01 08:19 AM
In response to message 28
I am doing more than my fair share in attempting to perpetuate obsolescence: I just ordered my last socket 7 motherboard, a DFI K6BV3+66 (supports K6-2/3+ up to 550 mhz, 3 DIMM sockets, 1 MB L2 cache, USB port, AGP/4 PCI/2 ISA, UDMA66, supports FSB speeds above 100 mhz, AT & ATX power supply connectors onboard, etc etc). I will be giving my Epox MVP3C2/AMD K6-III 400 (the one with the stiff 3-prong socket A cooler that I recently installed) to a relative to upgrade their old Cyrix PR 200 system, and keep the DFI for myself.

Over the past months, I've been watching the sales of K6 motherboards and processors - most online retailers are running out of stock. Same situation for local computer dealers. It is surprising that there is still such a strong market for these units.

24. RE: Is socket 7 history?
lbyard Apr-18-01 12:39 PM
In response to message
What are the error messages? Larry

30. Socket7: R.I.P.
lbyard Apr-27-01 12:25 PM
In response to message 0
The socket 7 is deader than it was a year ago or so when this thread was started. The AMD Duron has replaced the K6-2/III processors. They cost about as much as a K6-2/III and deliver a lot more performance for the dollar. And there is an upgrade path to the Athlon and future chips. The Athlon/Duron motherboards generally cost more than the Socket 7 motherboards. If you are upgrading and have a Baby AT case and power supply, an ATX case and power supply add still more to the cost. Nevertheless, it is now clearly time to break away from Baby AT motherboards, etc. and socket 7 CPUs. The Socket 7 is indeed dead. R.I.P. Larry

31. RIP Indeed...
copperpipe Apr-27-01 10:25 PM
In response to message 30
You'd think I'd know better than to blow more $$ on another SS7 board - but I have some K6 CPU's lying around the house to use.

I was interested in this particular board since I heard some good things about it from other sources.

You know, I think I get more enjoyment out of assembling rather than using computers. Over the past few years I've assembled systems for friends and relatives using DFI, Epox, FIC, Gigabyte, Soyo, Tekram, & Tyan...as well as some no-name Taiwan brands.

32. RE: RIP Indeed...
lbyard Apr-28-01 05:01 AM
In response to message 31
You will get over it. Larry

33. I will get over
copperpipe Apr-28-01 05:57 AM
In response to message 32
Yes, I think I would get tired of doing that, too....especially if I lived in a place like Maine where I could spend the money on lobsters or crabs instead of tinkering with power supplies, CPU heat sinks, and old computer technology.

36. RE: I will get over
lbyard Apr-29-01 10:42 PM
In response to message 33
Let's end this thread. It's getting very long. I'll start a new thread with “Is the Socket 7 History, Etc. - Part II.” This thread will be locked for posterity; i.e., made read-only. Part II is at http://duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID5/354.html. Larry

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