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Socket 7 to socket A upgrade timing
diletante Oct-30-00 08:36 PM
I want to upgrade one of my socket 7 machines to a socket A Thunderbird. I had been waiting for the dust to settle to see which socket A motherboards would emerge as the best. Now my son (who will get the old motherboard and processor) is putting lots of pressure on me to get on with the upgrade, so I am starting to research it. Based on what I have read on the DUX pages, it sounds like a new generation of motherboards will come out soon. My requirements are not too tough, so I don't need the state-of-the-art. Waiting for new features may not be the best idea. Perhaps there is a good socket A motherboard out there now that is well made, a good performer, and easy to set up? I am concerned that the new models will have some new bugs, and I don't want to be a virtual beta-tester.


1. RE: Socket 7 to socket A upgrade timing
lbyard Oct-30-00 09:24 PM
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You are probably right about buggy, first generation motherboards. From what I've seen of DDR memory circuitry it looks like mighty touchy and complicated stuff when it comes to timing, trace lengths, capacitors, and noise immunity. I have not moved to Socket A yet. Based on past experience and reviews, I would be looking at Abit's KT133 chipset boards. You'll probably spend top dollar for an Abit, but they are worth it in my opinion. I may have to buy a few myself. One of my customers called today and is itching to spend some year-end money on a couple of new computers/upgrades. Larry

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