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ASUS A7V vs. Abit KT7-RAID
IbZa Oct-02-00 09:25 PM
After reading various reviews on A7V and KT7-Raid, and looking at the benchmarks, I've decided to go with Abit. Both motherboards are awesome, however you can overcloak more esily with KT7. KT7 does not have a sound on the mobo, which is a plus, and has extra PCI slot (which anyway will be used for a sound card). Now the question for hardcore gamers; which graphic card?!?!? GeForce 2 MX or GeForce 2 GTS?? Oh yeah please can somebody recommend the RAM, is ECC required or not? If somebody has a different opinion on A7V or KT7-RAID please post!!!!!!

P.S. I am getting T-bird 800Mhz (unlocked, if i can find it)

1. RE: ASUS A7V vs. Abit KT7-RAID
lbyard Oct-02-00 09:53 PM
In response to message 0
As for me, I am going skip this generation of boards and wait for the next round of Socket A motherboards and DDR memory, which should début around COMDEX in mid-November. It will probably have the AMD 760 chipset. I'll keep my lowly V770 for another year or so. Larry

2. RE: ASUS A7V vs. Abit KT7-RAID
IbZa Oct-02-00 11:24 PM
In response to message 1
So you are saying that this generations boards suck??? Why are you skipping them???

can you explain this "...which should début around COMDEX in mid-November..." what does it mean. COMDEX????
VIA chipset will be outperformed by AMD 760 chipset??

Will the performance boost signifacantly???
Can you explain in details please

3. RE: ASUS A7V vs. Abit KT7-RAID
lbyard Oct-03-00 10:08 AM
In response to message 2
I didn't say that and I didn't particularly like your poor choice of rather worn-out and crude word. Just use any search engine to find out about COMDEX. It is a major computer exhibition that has been going on for many years. This year it is in Las Vegas. I am skipping this generation because of double-data rate memory which should significantly increase performance. There are other reasons; see http://duxcw.com/digest/misc/xmas.htm. Larry

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