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?does EPox-MVP3G-M runs good with K6II 550? -Help!!!-
abrantesricardo Aug-11-00 11:06 AM
I have a Epox board model - MVP3G-M, and i want to buy a k6II 550Mhz. it will work fine???
Help me please!!!


1. RE: ?does EPox-MVP3G-M runs good with K6II 550? -Help!!!-
lbyard Aug-11-00 12:09 PM
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Yes. There is a 5.5X multiplier on the board I have, which is rev. 0.4. The revision is behind the furthest left ISA slot. Larry

2. Absolutely not!!!
Massimo1 Aug-14-00 08:08 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-14-00 AT 08:16 PM (GMT)

I have that combination and it is a nightmare. The 550 overheats constantly. I phoned Epox several times and different techs there told me that the 550/board combo consistently failed in testing and they can't figure out why. They think it is the chip. So even though there are settings on the board for the chip, they NO LONGER RECOMMEND the 550. In fact, they told me to underclock it to a 500 (lowered the multiplier) and lower the voltage (from 2.3v to 2.2v). That did cause the chip temp to drop overall, but on intensive tasks, the chip still overheats. At least I am not getting alarms anymore, system shutdowns, nor blue screens of death. That all went away, but I still wouldn't trust that chip and board combo. AMD, by the way, does not recommend this board on their website. Too bad, because Epox and Soltek (which is recommended) are the only boards I could find for an AMD chip that supports UDMA-66. And I can't seem to find a seller of Soltek anywhere in the US.

Furthermore, AMD now has a K6/2 550 chip which runs much cooler and at a lower voltage (2.0v), with a 128k L2 cache on it. That would be perfect solution - as good as a PIII, but they are only selling it to system integrators, not the public.

4. RE: Ibyard
abrantesricardo Aug-16-00 10:02 AM
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Ibyard and Maximo1, thanks for your brief help.

I have read some articles about the mvp3g-m with k6-2 550 and users said that their systems was running without problems, but that two users had a board revision 0.4, my board revision is 1.0, i guess this revision is more earlier than rev 0.4 right???. Well today or tomorrow my k6-2 550 will arrive and then i will come here and reply for a finaly conclusion, Ibyard i hope u are right!!!.

Well, now wen i'm getting to upgrade my cpu, here comes the k6-2 !,dam!!! Should i wait some more to upgrade my system with k6-2 550?, and the price will be much more expensive? i've seen at Tom's hardware a review article comparing the two 500Mhz(k6-2 500 and k6-2 500), the performance is a lot diferent! and he sais that CPU is mutch more cooller because the Cpu core (2,0v or 2,1v), but i don't belive so mutch on that comparing tables relatively to FPS. If anyone has one i apreciate a reply.

5. missing character correction
abrantesricardo Aug-16-00 01:12 PM
In response to message 4
In my last reply i have edit the text with the "plus" character but it seems that doesn't appear in the text message, the comparation i was talking was k6-2(plus)500Mhz and k6-2 500Mhz ok!
Sorry Guys!.

7. RE: ?does EPox-MVP3G-M runs good with K6II 550? -Help!!!-
wb5gmk Sep-21-00 05:05 AM
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I have been running this board MVP3G-M with a K2+550 for 3 months and no problems, was originally built about one year ago with a K2-350, love the boost in speed. Rest of particulars are PC100-128M Ram, WD 10G ATA33 HD, HP9100 CD writer and Shuttle 40x CD, the video card is a ELSA RAZOR II w/16M which at first was cranky with couple of failed installs but finally got this system settled down.

I tried the overclock on TOM's hardware to 600Mhz but could not get WIN 98SE to boot.


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