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atx k6-200 problem
dRAGONHEAD Jul-22-00 05:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jul-22-00 AT 05:54 PM (GMT)

i have a atx form factor k6-200 that i am building. this is my first experience at the atx form factor. i can get the system up and running with video, hard/floppy disks, mem, mouse, and keyboard. when i add a modem (supra 336) the system will not power up. the same modem will work in several other computers i have (386, 486, p200mmx, etc all at type machines). this happens with a video capture card that i treid to install as well. i have tentivly id the mb as a chaintech 5ttmo (no fcc id, ce gmb-p57iax vo with ami bios of 50-0100-001283-vi.00) although there are a couple of others that http://sysopt.earthweb.com/mboard.html
ids the mb as. i find this slightly baffeling, can you offer any suggestions??

1. RE: atx k6-200 problem
lbyard Jul-22-00 06:06 PM
In response to message 0
Look carefully at the side of the board where it goes into the socket and make sure it is seated properly and not cock-eyed. If you used the same slot for both boards, look thoroughly at its innards with a magnifying glass. It may have a contact that has been bent so it shorts out other contacts when a board is installed. This problem is very rare, but Iíve seen it a few times. I have also seen bits of chewing gum foil in bus slots of machines that were built with tower cases and placed on the floor. Try another socket. The motherboard may be cracked. With the board out, the crack comes together; when installed it spreads. See if there is loose screw or standoff under the motherboard, etc. The problem may not be related to the MODEM or slot, but may just be an intermittent problem that seems to occur when the board is installed. I have seen that many times. Slow the computer down and see if it works then. For additional clues see our Motherboard FAQs. Larry

2. RE: atx k6-200 problem
dRAGONHEAD Aug-03-00 04:01 PM
In response to message 1
I remember that one quite well where there was a piece of solder in the slots, do you still have it? I went all over that thing looking for pretty much what you describe. What I found is that if I started all over, right down to removing the power supply etc, from the motherboard that when I brought it up again it would find the modem and the rest. I did this over and over until I finally got the thing up and stable. I still do not know what the underlying problem was but am happy that it is up. Now if i could get it to stay online for more than 7-15 minutes at a time. I suspect this to be a problem with one of the programs I use that I don't think installed right. For some reason, the system thinks it has received a disconnect from the server. I had the same problem with a differnt modem, I just need to find the secondary init strings for this one. The ones to my Motorola 56k don't work with the SupraExpress that I have. Thank you for your reply.

3. RE: atx k6-200 problem
lbyard Aug-03-00 05:19 PM
In response to message 2
Supra = S3. Try this link: http://www.s3.com/default.asp?menu=support&sub_menu=Legacy_Modems. It might be your phone line. Do you hear static, etc. on the phone? Larry

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