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MVP3C2 fails...
NoEXQS Jun-26-00 07:26 PM
Used a -
- EPOX MVP3C2 mainboard
- INTEL Pentium 233 MMX
- 32Mb memory
to upgrade an old 486 PC

After 3 months without any complaints the system cracked-up. After powering up, following message

"Verifying DMI pool data ................"

System hangs....


1. RE: MVP3C2 fails...
lbyard Jun-26-00 08:07 PM
In response to message 0
If you want to know what DMI is download http://www.phoenix.com/products/specs-smbios.pdf. How long are you waiting? If it isn't sucessful, it should return an error. The CMOS may be corrupt. Find the jumper used to clear CMOS. With the power cord removed from the computer, move the jumper to the clear position and let it discharge for 10 minutes or so. Move the jumper back and power-up. Damage can result on some motherboards is power is applied when the jumper is in the clear position. You may have to restore defaults in the CMOS and will have restore any settings you may have previously entered. I have heard of viruses which can cause this, but have not seen one. Larry

2. RE: MVP3C2 fails...
NoEXQS Jun-26-00 08:43 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry. We'll have a try.... Will

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