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EPOX MVP3G5. Which Drivers to Use????
SJ Jun-19-00 08:21 PM
I recently upgraded to the MVP3G5 MB from EPOX and continually have crashes including the dreaded long beep. EPOX has said in an email to only install the AGP driver and not all of the 4-in-1 drivers if I am running Win98 SE. However, VIA indicates that I should install only the AGP and the IRQ miniport driver from the 4-in-1 drivers. Well not to be any more confusing but first of all which version of the VIA 4-in-1 drivers should I use and secondly which of these drivers should I install. I know that VIA has a separate 4.03 AGP driver. Maybe I should just install that driver only and no others. ARgggh!!! Epox hasn't been much help. If you have any answers it would be greatly appreciated. After 4 months of poor computer performance and games constantly crashing while playing online I am really frustrated. This will be the 4th time I have wiped out my harddrive and started over. Anyway if it helps, I am running an AMD K6-III 400 MHZ CHIP 128mb of ram, Viper Ultra 770 video adapter, Creative Platinum Live Card, a Maxtor/66 17GB harddrive and a 32X CD rom driver. Thanks again. SJ.

1. RE: EPOX MVP3G5. Which Drivers to Use????
lbyard Jun-19-00 09:10 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-19-00 AT 09:26 PM (GMT)

It sounds to me (long beep) like you have a memory problem. (Or you are overclocking.) Try slowing the bus down to 66 Mhz. If the problems go away, replace the memory. You may also have an IRQ conflict problem. I have had no compatibility problems with the Creative Live and V770 boards with EpoX MVP3C, MVP3C2, MVP3G, and MVP3G2 motherboards. The VIA drivers have always been a confusing mess. I see now that they want the IRQ miniport driver installed with Win 98 SE. I believe before I read that SE didnít require it. In any event, the 4-in-1 drivers are supposed detect what version of Windows you have, what version of the various drivers are installed, and install the appropriate ones. Whatever you do do not replace the stock Windows hard disk drive bus master. You will also need to install USB filter driver if you are using USB devices. It isnít part of the 4-in-1 driver package. The AGP driver might help, but I havenít seen any real benefit in installing it. Most systems with Win 98 SE will work fine without any of the VIA drivers. However, I have seen network adapter IRQ problems without the VIA IRQ miniport driver. I use the latest version of the 4-in-1 drivers: 4.22. None of the VIA drivers are causing your problem. It is best to find and fix the problem instead of wiping the hard disk drive. However, I find that after about six months of use I must do a complete reinstall. That is because I am constantly installing and uninstalling new software for testing, etc. The latest BIOS will improve the ATA/66 performance significantly. Larry

2. RE: EPOX MVP3G5. Which Drivers to Use????
SJ Jun-20-00 05:19 PM
In response to message 1
You stated in your response that Win 98 SE doesn't typically require the VIA
4in1 drivers but you said that you have installed the 4.22 ver of the 4in1
drivers. Do you install all of the 4.22 4in1 drivers or just the IRQ
miniport driver which you indicated may be relevant? I have Cox@Home cable
modem with a D-Link network card. I may need the IRQ driver if there has
been problems with network adapters. Also you mentioned changing the bus
speed to 66 mhz how would you recommend I do this? In the Bios? I updated
the Bios to the 4-12-00 award Bios. This may not be a problem but I wasn't
sure how to change it if it was. Lastly, you mentioned that you had used a
Viper 770 card with the EPOX motherboards with no problem. Diamond MM has a
message on its cite that informs you of what Bios settings to change in
order to make this card work better. I was wondering if you had ever made
any of these changes. These changes could be a part of the problem.
Especially disabling dynamic bursting. Diamond's board also states that you
should install the AGP and IRQ miniport drivers if you have a MVP3 chipset.
_Ultra.htm#18472 You may not have a chance to respond to all of these but I
appreciate any help you may give. Thanks again. Selden.

3. RE: EPOX MVP3G5. Which Drivers to Use????
lbyard Jun-20-00 06:04 PM
In response to message 2
Seldon, I would install just the IRQ and AGP drivers with Win 98 SE. I have operated a V770 OK without it. When I said to change the FSB to 66 Mhz, to see if the memory would work ok at that speed, it was a recommendation. The 4-12-00 BIOS is not the problem. I have installed it on several computers. I have it running on my computer with a V770. I have not done anything out of the ordinary in the BIOS Setup to accommodate the V770. I am not having any problems with the V770, but I have not beat-it-up with video with games other than running the Quake benchmarks some time ago. I had no problems with the benchmarks. Again, I think you have a memory problem and that should be the focus of your troubleshooting. That is what that long beep is saying in explicit competerese and that is the most frequent cause of the problems you are having. Larry

4. RE: EPOX MVP3G5. Which Drivers to Use????
SJ Jun-20-00 06:09 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks again. I'll try your suggestions. I appreciate your thoughtful response. Selden.

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