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computer won't recover from
professoryam Dec-07-00 09:41 PM
Everytime my computer switches into the standby mode w/ HD and monitor off, it won't turn back to windows 98 normally without rebooting itself. Is it a software or hardware problem? Sometimes this will happen if I browse certain web sites with IE5.5(ie. NBA.com): the monitor will switch into the stand-by mode(black screen w/ led flashes)and i have to press the reset button to reboot the computer.

1. RE: computer won't recover from
lbyard Dec-08-00 02:53 PM
In response to message 0
If you have the 3D Maze screen saver (3D Maze.scr) running, change to a different screen saver. If you are using a Matrox MGA Impression Lite, Plus, Plus 220, or Ultima video adapter and driver, download and install the updated driver from http://www.matrox.com/imaging/support/drivers/. Try a different screen resolution. Please provide more info on your computer if this doesn’t fix it. Larry

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