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video capture
zuleika Dec-05-00 01:28 AM
Hello, I have just installed an Aver EZCapture capture card to my system, I'm using a Riva TNT 2 m64 32 meg video card , Asus P5AB motherboard 266mhz AMD processor, the card works well some of the time, and sometimes the system hangs,occasionally even giving a fatal exception screen ...is there any known conflict with the hardware I'm running?
Also, what causes 'frame dropping' ?
Some captures run well, and another will drop up to 50% of the frames !
How do I convert AVI files to MPEG ? as the AVIs seem to be enormous compared to mpeg format, like 30 seconds as a saved AVI = about 100 mb !!

Dean. New Zealand.

1. RE: video capture
lbyard Dec-05-00 04:59 PM
In response to message 0
You might have an IRQ or port address conflict between the capture card and another expansion board or motherboard resource. Check the Device Manager in the Control Panel, System for exclamation marks beside device drivers. Enabling Windows PCI IRQ steering by enabling PnP is OS Aware in the motherboard CMOS Setup may fix the problem. There are additional steps that can be taken if these steps donít work. I am not really up-to-speed on converting AVI to MPEG files, but you may want to look at download.com offerings at http://download.cnet.com/downloads/1,10150,0-10001-103-0-1-7,00.html?tag=st%2Edl%2E10001%2Esbsr&qt=convert+AVI+files+to+MPEG&cn=&ca=10001. Other readers may have better advice based on first-hand experience? Larry

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