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Power LED and HDD LED indicators
PaulDaley Nov-24-00 10:32 AM
I am building a PC, Celeron 700 (FC).
I have connected all the connectors to the appropriate headers on my mother board.
Power Switch works, Reset Swith works, Speaker works, but the Power and HDD LED's do not work.
I have tried a Slot 1 PIII 500 and the power light works great.
What could this be, have you heard of a processor controlling the LED's.
Please Help!!!!

1. RE: Power LED and HDD LED indicators
lbyard Nov-24-00 05:29 PM
In response to message 0
Reverse the plugs. You can do this with the computer on, to see if it works, if you are sure you are plugging each plug into the correct set of pins. Of course, you will have to do something to make the computer use the hard disk, such as booting up, to determine if you have the polarity of the HDD plug correct. Larry

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