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ATI TV wonder problem
ayoung88 Nov-02-00 07:35 PM
I recently bought and installed a new ATI TV wonder card. After installing the software, my system asked me to reboot, which I did. After rebooting, my system was able to find the drivers to install my TV card. I was able to watch TV and everything looked good. However, afterward when I go to restart my computer, it will boot to a 640x480 16 color mode and an error message will appear stating that there is an error with my video driver working with my video card and I have to reset my video setting. I have a Creative Labs Graphic Blaster Nvidia TNT. I am currently running Windows 98.

Please help.

1. RE: ATI TV wonder problem
lbyard Nov-02-00 09:25 PM
In response to message 0
"Be sure to obtain a current display driver for the graphics card you are using in conjunction with the ATI-TV Wonder."

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