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need 2 Parallel ports
Ra Byn Oct-30-00 03:14 AM
I installed a SIIG brand PCI parallel port that claimedon the box to add a second port. Instead of adding one above & beyond my existing port, it tries to replace it & locks up windows. If I boot to safe mode & remove the drivers for the new port card, Windows works fine again.

Is there something simple I need to do & if not, do you have a PCI parallel port card that you recommend for this task.

I have two printers & need to parallel ports.


ra byn james

1. RE: need 2 Parallel ports
lbyard Oct-30-00 04:14 PM
In response to message 0
Have you been to SIIG's web site and gone through their troubleshooting procedures for PCI parallel boards in "What is your WINDOWS 95/98 issue?" at http://www.siig.com/knowled/10010651.HTM? Larry

2. RE: need 2 Parallel ports
Ra Byn Dec-12-00 05:50 PM
In response to message 1
The manual & the website gave very little useful information. I ended up taking the card back & exchanging it for a different brand of the same device. The new card worked right out of the box. When I returned the nonfunctioning card I did notice a few of the same cards in the returns bin. It probably pays to look in the returns bin first before you select a new piece of hardware. If there are 5 already in the bin, you probably don't want that model.

Ra Byn

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