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RE : Computer not Powering up at times
kamal Sep-19-00 07:21 PM
I have a pentium 266 PII running windows 98.
When I hit the power switch in the front to power it up it sometimes does not work, I thought it was the rocker switch so I changed that and it still does not work at time after a shutdown.

Sometimes it will power up first time and then at times it wont, please does anybody have a solution to this problem. It seems that is does not like something while powering up.
Also is there a way to check the power supply.
How do I go about finding what is wrong.

I appreciate your help in finding the problem.

Kam Darbar

1. RE: RE : Computer not Powering up at times
lbyard Sep-19-00 08:06 PM
In response to message 0
This sort of problem is not usually caused by the power supply. A short or other problem that is pulling too much current or killing the motherboard, such as a loose connector, usually causes it. Sometimes and intermittent switch will cause the problem. I would disconnect everything from the motherboard (boards, all cables except power, speaker, and CPU fan) and see if it will power-up consistently. If it doesnít, reseat the memory. I have seen where reseating the CPU also fixes the problem, but that is extremely rare. If it wonít power consistently in this state sub another power supply (just plug it in temporarily). If that doesnít do it, pull the motherboard and inspect it for cracks, broken capacitors, etc. There may be a loose screw, etc. under the motherboard that is intermittently shorting it out. Try new memory. Replace the motherboard. If the motherboard powers-up consistently, insert the video card first, the drives next, and then the remaining components one-at-a-time and power cycling several time in-between until you discover the varmint. Some very old computers just plain defy even this approach and I usually attribute it to aged components that donít look their years. Larry

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