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text message from previous user appears at startup
alpha_techie Aug-23-02 03:20 AM
Ok, I purchased an off lease computer for my wife to learn on ie: HP Vectra 133Mhz Win95, the problem is on startup as windows is loading a text dialog box appears warning user about company policy on use of computers. Clicking ok in dialog box closes message. Anyone know how to disable this message? I have no idea how it was created or even what protocal was used to create it.

1. RE: text message from previous user appears at startup
lbyard Aug-23-02 04:23 PM
In response to message 0
Look in the C:\>autoexec.bat file for a line that is typing a text file). You can do this by booting to the DOS prompt. Press F8 just as Windows is about to start and choose DOS prompt or something like that from the resulting menu. Then

C:\>edit autoexec.bat


rem line

Where "line" is the DOS command that is displaying the policy. The rem changes the line from a command to a remark (comment line instead of line that is executed). Lines in the autoexec.bat file are executed when a computer first boots. Each line is the same as if it were typed on the keyboard.

It could be doing it a different way. You can try each line in the autoexec.bat file by typing it at the prompt (C:\>). Put a rem followed by space in front of the line.


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