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old NEC Multispin 3xe installation
bernard delr Aug-13-02 04:50 AM
i have a NEC MultiSpin 3xe SCSI CD Reader that i installed in an HP Deskpro, i used FUTURE DOMAIN SCSI card and followed all installation instructions... it was detected by the system... after i restarted my computer the device was not found in the MY COMPUTER. is there a way to solve this problem?

1. RE: old NEC Multispin 3xe installation
Zeno Aug-13-02 11:22 AM
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What OS? What does Device Manager say? Can you do a logged boot and check "bootlog.txt"??

2. RE: old NEC Multispin 3xe installation
lbyard Aug-13-02 03:27 PM
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A large percentage of SCSI install problems are caused by the terminating resistors not being installed in the right places. That is the first thing I would verify. A SCSI pipe gets terminated by the devices at both ends of the cable, and none inbetween. The installation may be by plugging-in physical resistor packs or with jumper settings. The next things to check are the address jumpers and SCSI BIOS jumpers... Larry

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